Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fair Tuesday it is .....

Boy I can't believe how time is flying by. My mom and her hubby's first anniversary today ~ so sweet ~ I am very happy for my mom that she found this man to be with her, love her, and stand by her ~ the rest of their days ~ gives hope for me haha ;)

Went to Scrapalicious again at the beginning of December ~ and I am already looking forward to the one in January ~ I find it very enjoyable, we have alot of space to work, good company, lots of snacks, and a great amount of time to crop. As well I went to my first evening of the CTMH hostess group I have joined, my friend Mel came along with me, and now has joined as well ~ so this is another event I will be looking forward to on a monthly basis. The new year is holding some exciting things ~ crop times, retreats, hope to head back to Hinton with my girl Kelly and do some more classes with the awesome ladies there ~ my son's grad, my Grandparents 50th Anniversary ~ and a few more exciting milestones. I am looking forward to 2009 ~ to improving and building on the friendships I have, to continuing to improve my health - not only physically but mental growth as well, to much more scrapbooking and bonding time, and precious memories and moments with family.

Right away I get some lovely holiday time from work, and I hope to spend it in my home and get to some pushed away chores to help me bring in the new year on a positive note and push ahead to a bright 2009 ~

I hope to maybe even meet some cyber friends that I have come to know a bit ~ maybe get together in the "real" world haha ~ another bright and positve aspect to look forward in the new year.

Okay off for now ~ I hope you all have a wonderful week :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The coffee .... does it to you everytime

Here I sit awake just kinda surfing ~ Miss Dawn came over for a few hours this evening to get in some scrapbooking and quality visiting time and brought a yummy coffee from Starbucks, well I am wide awake and though I could still be scrapping ~ I am surfing instead.

It's been an long week this one has ~ full of ups and downs. I got to touch base with a friend I have been thinking about Miss Tammy B. and have some supper one evening ~ it was good to just sit in a relaxed setting and touch base. So that was an up ~ then the very next day I received some news from my younger sister that a close friend of her and her friends had passed away in a freak hunting accident. A young man same age as my sister, newly married this summer ~ and it broke my heart ~ so much grief felt all around, my heart went out to all of them ~ for it will be a long road. It made me think of priorities and happiness ~ of what trully are things that make me happy, and how important it is to get out and really "live" life. I have a saying "that we just have to bounce" ~ for when we hit a seemingly bottom of any situation, and we feel we can't go lower there is only one way to go ~ bounce up!

So I am going to take deeper breaths, going to stretch higher, expect more of myself ~ and set attainable goals ~ and do some more living. And I hope my friends do the same ~ we honestly don't know what tomorrow will bring, but if we live in the moments of today, and not the regrets of the past or the fear of the future ~ we will face each day with a smile.

So bounce people ~ love live ~ live each day as well as you can ~ it honors those in our worlds that can not do that anymore.

Rest in Peace Faber - I know you are well loved by your friends and your family.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A catch up .....

It's only been a week and yet seems as life is picking up some speed and becoming a mash of one thing after another. Before my update ~ I want to send out a sincere heartfelt thought to my friend Christine, who recently lost her dear sister ~ there is alot of pain and sadness in her life and my heart is thinking of her. A few of my friends have lost dear family members of late ~ and others are fighting battles, life is so so precious ~ and everything can change at a moment's notice, so I trully hope that all my dear friends are pulling what they can out of life, and really living. Hugs to you all.

I had a chance to enjoy some living myself lately ~ last weekend my dear friend Kelly ~ from Memories in Motion ~ asked me last moment if I would be willing to travel to Hinton with her to help her teach some classes, I literally jumped at the chance to get out of the city and do something a bit different. And the benefits of the weekend are still with me. :-) First we traveled out to Thorsby to the Strawberry Community Hall (such a sweet name for a hall don't you think?) and then to the Heartland Inn for a short stop as well, Kelly did her thing by offering the ladies there a chance to shop in the mobile store ~ her big Lime Green Van is a welcome addition to any crop day or retreat ~ and we were greeted and welcomed in both places warmly. Then on to Hinton! ~ we again were greeted with much warmth and excitement, and we soon got into the two classes that were planned for the evening ~ a canvas class and a Christmas chipboard mini album ~ I had a great time with the classes, for my first time teaching this type of event ~ it was a definite positive and came away with avenues how to improve the experience in the future. We didn't finish teaching till after 10 pm and then Kelly and I proceeded to stay up and chat till after one haha ~ believe me 8 am came early the next morning ~ Kelly spent a couple more hours with some of the gals shopping in the store, and then we were on the road again ~ exhausted but feeling great!!!

Then this Wednesday evening I went to the James Blunt concert with my friend Mel ~ oh my we had the best time, it was worth every penny of the ticket for sure. I love the sound of James Blunt's music ~ and he gave a great performance, and was quite engaging to boot! Mel started off my evening as well by giving me her bday present - she was in Mexico the week of my bday lucky gal haha ~ she gave me a delightful Memory Makers shoulder bag ~ perfect for evening crops ~ I love love love it!!! Such a thoughtful and timely gift for a scrapbooker on the go haha.

So it has been quite the week, haven't really gotten anything in my home accomplished ~ but that is what weekends are for!!!! I am hoping to maybe be able to join some friends at a crop put on by my friend Andrea of Scrapgetti ~ so going to have that as a goal in mind while getting things done. I also may have a chance to see an ex boyfriend of mine this weekend ~ so kinda a twitter about that haha ~ and my son has handball I believe this weekend as well ~ so it's looking to be a full and crazy weekend ~ just how I like them. And then to cap it off the 2 hour premiere movie for one of my fave shows ~ 24 ~ shows Sunday night, can't wait to get some more of Keifer Sutherland ~ yippeeeeee!!!!!

So I am wishing you all a fabulous Friday and lovely weekends - stay safe and try to do some good "living" this weekend ~ Hugs.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been awhile .....

Wow so much has happened in life lately ~ that I would not even know where to begin. The most recent event is my son's trip to Cuba, almost :( ~ there trip ended up being cancelled on the account of the Hurricane that hit Cuba last weekend, so they spent 3 days in Toronto, sitting in a hotel room, and then came home Tuesday morning. I so feel for them all, it was crappy to have their trip ruined ~ but I am thankful that they were not already on the island when the hurricane hit. So the week has been a weird one, I had all sorts of plans made ~ ones that didn't include my son being around haha, and those have kinda gone by the wayside, but Go with the Flow is my new motto ~ so I am trying best to live by that. I have had so many friends/aquaintences go on trips in the last few months, has really made me double think just getting away somewhere ~ at this point a weekend in Hinton would be a get away. I don't necessarily have to cross the border.

My bosses are going on a short trip here soon to Vegas, and I am so happy that they are going to get away for a little bit of a trip. It's been a hard month around here, with the results of his latest scans coming back, and they not being good results, and actually news to shake us all to the core. A friend of mine recently lost her mother to cancer as well, my heart and prayers go out to her and her entire family. As well in our family we just passed the 1 year anniversary of my Uncle's passing of cancer last year. So it's been a very reflectful and sobering time in my life.

Recently went to the Scrapilicious crop in Sherwood Park ~ it was so great to be able to attend once again on a Saturday. Though I have missed the people I worked with at my weekend job, I don't at all regret the decision to stick to the one, and have my weekends back ~ it's amazing how it has changed my entire week, I think I took the time for granted ~ a new perspective on things is always good.

I so enjoyed seeing the product of my friend Andrea, she has started a company called Scrapfetti and the stuff is awesome! She introduced me to glimmer mist, and though this product may have been out for awhile ~ it was the demo to show exactly how easy it is to use, and the fabulous results. Of course I had to pick a favorite and then proceed to buy papers to match ~ will have to post up the results soon. I recently received a newer computer and while it is making life easier in some ways, I can't find my scanner driver and haven't figured out how to take a decent picture with my digital of my layouts, I don't have any kind of photo editing software ~ so I am hooped for the moment. So really I am busy creating ~ just can't figure out how to post any of it. :(

I will have to post pictures soon ~ have some recent ones to update with, and some nice ones of the crop at Scrapilicious.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!

Monday, October 20, 2008

And another week starts ....

So much happening around me lately ~ and not all so great so I haven't felt like posting much lately ~ want to try and keep the stressing to a minimum ha ~ so for now I will just post up two Halloween layouts I did last weekend, first ones I have ever done. I have for some reason felt like scrapbooking Halloween of late, whether it's the cool weather starting ~ or the awesome Halloween colors out there that are drawing me I don't know but for now I will just post these two layouts ~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time to be Thankful .....

I trully think that one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving ~ The weather is beautiful (usually no snow quite yet), lots of sunshine ~ fall colors still to be seen, schedules usually even out from the bluster of summer ~ activities get going ~ sports and social related, life seems to settle a bit. It's easy to sit and be thoughtful about what in life makes you so thankful everyday ~ decided time my blog needed a bit of a list of what I am trully thankful for in life:

I am thankful for:
~ for my son ~ he trully is my inspiration in life. We have been a family of two for a long time, people come and go in our lives but I always know where he stands in mine ~ and it is a rock that I have held on to a few times.
~ for Sarah ~ I am thankful that Alex has found someone in his life that is good to his soul and that it is visa versa. I know many will say that they are young and have a whole life to live ahead of him, but I say it is great that he can have this amazing growing experience ~ and build the foundations of a strong and lasting relationship.
~ for my family ~ I am trully thankful for my relationships with my sisters, though we have all had our periods where one or more of us wasn't seeing eye to eye or were estranged, I trully have unique and special relationships with them all. Love them much. And the support my mom and hubby show for my son especially has meant the world to me, my family loves him and lets him know this, very important to me. My cousin Bonny, we finally saw each other again this summer after years of only communicating by letter and email ~ she has become one of my closest friends, and I am thankful that she is part of my life and that we are able to share openly with each other, she is good for my heart. My work family ~ especially my employers ~ Dave and Dale, have been a part of our lives for over 10 years now, and we all have lived through together ~ trials in our lives, triumphs in our days, and just simple day to day living, I am so thankful that I have been blessed by being drawn far away from my then home ~ to come and work for this husband and wife duo, I have grown so much.
~ for my friends ~ friends come and go, some stay ~ some get stronger, some change and become more of aquaintances ~ but it is an amazing experience to have them all in my life. From cyber to close tell all my secrets to friends ~ these men and women have all touched my heart in different ways, and continue to add to my ever weaving tapestry of life.
~ for the art of scrapbooking ~ it is one hobby/craft/art that next to photography has added so much to my life. Through expression and lovingly creating art out of special memories ~ I have been able to get through dark periods, celebrate more the good times, reflect on things I might have just brushed by, and meet amazing and talented souls ~ who if anything we connect by our love of pictures, memories, family, friends, pets, special moments, and love of art. It has kept the creative side of me alive, which has been instrumental in my growth and curiousity of life ~ and keeps me grounded and moving forward.

These are a few things I am very thankful for yesterday, today and tomorrow ~

What are you thankful for?

Hugs from me to you ~ I wish you all a Lovely Thanksgiving ~ however you spend it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's a thoughtful time .......

As we near the Thanksgiving holidays ~ it magnifies the thoughtful aspect of the day ~ usually this time of year is a time of reflection for me ~ summer coming to a close, fall is my favorite time ~ where I find myself being more aware of the outdoors and my surroundings more than any other time of the year ~ kids back in school, events, activities ~ starting up or ending ~ etc etc etc. At this time my thoughts are constantly pulled back to my amazing bossman Dave and his family ~ for those that are close to me they know how close I am with my employers and their family ~ basically we have grown together. When I came to work for them my son was just a young boy and now he is a young man, I have been here for over 10 years and really my employers and their family is my work family. I have openly discussed how 2 years ago when Dave was first diagnosed with cancer and started his fight, how it affects everything ~ from the inspiration that he gives me for all that he has gone through, his amazing mind set for what he is still going through, and his facing reality of what is to come ~ he is an amazing man. Since his cancer has come back earlier this year ~ and he had to go back into chemo treatments ~ it's been a long go, the treatments this go around have taken alot more from him, strength, health, his hair ~ we have come to dread his chemo weeks knowing the days to follow take such a toll on him, completely drag out everything he has and beats him up ~ it's a hard time. This week is his last chemo treatment for this go around, which in itself brings all sorts of stress ~ next week scans to see if the last go around has done enough damage to the lesions so they can operate ~ or if his care from this point forward will only be pallative ~ I feel like my heart is twice it's size lately, with the ache I feel for them all. Last year I lost my dear Uncle Harry to cancer, he also had a long and difficult battle ~ and I struggle to understand how to come to terms with this very cruel disease that robs people of their lives and affects everyone around them.

I have friends that are also dealing with a loved one being ill with cancer ~ and my heart goes out to all ~ and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only Tuesday ......

and wish it was Sunday haha ~ so I could sleep in a bit and stay in my jammies if I wanted to. Not feeling so hot right at the moment, have this sinus / head thing I can't shake, and so hoping it does not progress any further. Headaches, earaches, neck aches ~ and feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head from the pressure ~ ha lovely picture eh?!

So haven't been doing alot of scrapping ~ I did go out to a crop with my friend Kelly on Friday night - it's so nice to be able to just sit and chat and scrapbook together ~ she usually has her mobile store with her that she needs to watch, but at these crops ~ no truck so she is able to really join in and we get some great catch up time. I did do a layout and will have to get it scanned up ~ one of my sister's kitty ~ Zoe. It was nice to get out to a crop again, it seems like it had been a very long time.

Wish I could join the gals this weekend at the Scrapilicious crop ~ but this Saturday is my last day at my second job ~ so I will be working, I am glad the crops and activites to get together have started up again this fall season, and I will look forward to hopefully joining some of them again for the November one :-). I have joined in a small hostess group for Close to My Heart for the next 6 or so months, with some ladies I have never met ~ just the organizer ~ Micheline, briefly at a crop weekend, so I am looking forward to that starting up as well. Having little intervals of scrappy together time with other talented and fun ladies keeps my motivation and scrap mojo on a roll ~ one of the reasons I so love the site Creative Scrappers ~ Kristine has built a fun and always challenging group ~ lots to do and see, and always something you can comment on or plan to join in on. It's great, especially for those times where you can't get out of the house but would like to connect with the scrappy world and some great people. :-)

Now I just need to get rid of this little set back of me wanting to lop off my head haha, get feeling better ~ and I will be on my way to some good times. I hope this little update reaches you all in good health ~ hugs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last Night's Challenge .....

Creative Scrappers had the montly 1 Hour Sketch Contest last night ~ and above is the layout I did of my niece Carys ~ little sweetie.
I totally love the challenge of getting a sketch and then completing it in an hour! It has really challenged my scrapping skills and how I think about getting layouts done, now have completed a few of these challenges I realize it does not have to be so over-thought, scrapbooking I mean, and that I can create something I love without having to pour many of my precious hours into it, so I have lots more time then freed up for even more scrapbooking and doing other things I love to do ~ watch my tv shows, read a book, or just chill with family and friends!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Okay Okay I give .....

I have been tagged a few times here, and I will try and get to them ~ going to start with the most recent tagging from my friend Kristine haha, and get it done ;-)

I love Sundays ~ they are my favorite day of the week, at the moment the only day of the week I do things on my terms, at my pace, on my time ~ I am looking forward to a full weekend of this soon ~ but for now I will cherish my Sunday. Okay on with this tag ~

The Five TAG:

10 years ago I:
1. Starting a new job ~ one that I had just finished some post secondary education to do ~ went from retail to business.
2. Decided to make a big move into the big city, to be alot closer to the new job.
3. Was in the middle of issues with a relationship.
4. Had a eight year old son ~ and was dealing with the issue of finding him after school care.
5. Felt unsure of who I wanted to be, and where I was going.

5 Things on "today's to-do list":
1. Tidy my space - scrapbooking and household
2. Get at least one tag done haha
3. Go and watch my son's first Handball games of the season
4. Hopefully touch base with one of my sisters and maybe a friend
5. Look at my week ahead and do a little planning for it

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. Hawkins Cheezies
2. Crispeas
3. Lungberg Rice Chips
4. Popcorn
5. Lara Bar - dates and nuts

5 Things I would do if I was a Millionnaire:
1. Buy my son and I nice reliable vehicles
2. Decide where I wanted to live and buy a house
3. Open up my own business
4. Help my family out
5. Go and do some traveling

5 Place I have lived:
1. Edmonton - Born and raised for the first 7 years
2. Fort Saskatchewan - mom's home
3. Fort Saskatchewan - apartment, condo, townhouse ~ with husband
4. Fort Saskatchewan - townhouse - on my own with son
5. Edmonton - condo, house and now again condo ~ my son and I

5 Jobs I have had:
1. Work Experience - Flower shop and then hired on
2. Different Flower shop
3. Fabricland - Asst. Mgr.
4. IGA - Cashier, Customer service, then Office
5. Business Centre - office work

Tag 5 Friends:
1. Laura
2. Mona
3. Tracey
4. Renee
5. Kelly F.

Rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you've answered the questions on your blog.

Okay now off to tackle some of the to-do list after I go and let those gals know I have tagged them. :-) (which I will have to do tomorrow as my computer at home won't let me, it's getting worse can't wait to get a newer one!)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A good visit .......

Well my close friend Kelly-Ann made it to the city on Saturday ~ and we decided to go out and do a little dancing at Oil City Roadhouse in the evening. This is my son Alex taking our picture on the way to the bar, he was generous enough to be our designated driver for the evening, not only driving us to but coming at 2:30-3:00 am to pick us up! haha Awesome kid I have, but it certainly gave Kelly-Ann and I an opportunity to let our hair down a bit and have some fun, which we did. We also went the next morning and had breakfast with our friends Donna and Chris out by Ardrossan ~ god the country is so beautiful, I think I need to go on some more weekend drives to really appreciate the beauty before the snow flies, or we lose all the beautiful colors out there. All in all it was a great weekend ~ time at home, time with my friends, and time to appreciate the world around me. :-)

This is us as we got home that night, I would definitely say not bad for 2:30-3:00 am in the morning, after a night of drinking and dancing haha ~ it's the awesome karma we share, she is a good for my soul friend, and look forward to another visit soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

kinda been a tossy turvy week .......

Wednesday it is ~ though for some reason the week seems to be going impossibly slow and it should be Friday I think haha.

Tonight I am heading over to a Celiac "Anti-Panic" session - On the Celiac Association website it explains the session like this:

Linda and her helpers will take you on an imaginary trip to the grocery store. You will be shown a large variety of foods that are available, learn how to check labels, and how to use your kitchen wisely.
This is a fantastic way to learn how to eat well and be healthy on a gluten free diet. So, bring along your family, friends and, of course, your questions.

So I am not quite sure what to expect, but I am excited to give it a go ~ I know the more I learn to live a smooth day to day existence with Celiac Disease ~ the better off I will be physically and mentally. Some days I just feel very overwhelmed and trully lost as to how to do this, disappointed and down when I make slip ups (like today ~ had a beverage that did not sit well and now fighting to just stay sitting up straight) and lost ~ and then other days I am on the top of the world, feel like I could accomplish anything and have a new zest for life that is refreshing and uplifting, and all I want to do is share insight and love with everyone I care about haha.

Now the trick is to balance the two ~ and I have it made. :- )

My friend Kelly-Ann is traveling up from Calgary this weekend to spend a couple days in the city ~ and I can't wait! I have missed her terribly since she moved to Calgary, and though just lately we finally have been back on more of a regular communication basis (she took mat leave so we lost touch for a while until she could get internet access) it's just not the same as a face to face chat. So that will be a big highlight of my coming weekend ~

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's late and I am sitting here awake ....

Not sure why ~ I think it was the half a cup of coffee I had late tonight ~ trying to get a little more out of the weekend. Long work day but working with Sarah and Angela today so it was alot of fun ~ I do know that I am going to miss all the awesome people I work with on my weekend job ~ especially Miss Sarah who I mostly work with on Saturdays, she is awesome and I miss her already!

I bought another awesome ceramic plaque today from work, saying:

"If you have no regrets, you need to get out more."

haha love it ~ and so correct, got to get out there and live life, and yes it is not always going to go the way we want it to ~ but that's okay, on we go ~~~~~ :-)

I have another one on my fridge that I got a while back it says:

"Wise enough to know better, old enough to care less."

Love that one too, could you say I have a bit of an attitude? haha yep maybe ~ but I think it will serve me well, I am ready to take a bit more of a hold on life, and run with it. I owe it to myself, and I owe it to the people in my life that can't do that anymore.

Okay since I am so wide awake I am going to go and do some scrapping ~ and maybe a little dreaming ......

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little ones on the brain today .......

Little Devlin goes in for double hernia surgery today, the little guy has gone through so much since he was born premature in May ~ and I am hoping once he gets this little problem fixed up today he can get on to the business of growing nice and strong. My heart is with his mommy Kelly-Ann, and sending her strong cyber hugs and support her way. And a huge good recovery kiss to Devlin.

Quite the day ~ my friend Donna also became a grandmother this morning ~ her daughter Desirae gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning. Hayleigh did not come easy, but she is now here! My congrats goes out to them and the whole family.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I so love the long weekends!!!

It's Monday and here I have another day at home!!! I so love long weekends so that I get to just spend some quality time doing what I want ~ yesterday I cleaned, and did some scrapbooking and some reading!! And I think maybe today should be full of the same ~ here is my layout that I was inspired to do yesterday by this weeks creative Sketch on Creative-scrappers.com ~ I so love the inspiration I am drawing from the group, it is amazing when you see sometimes 20 layouts or more go up of the same sketch and they are different! Really opens up your imagination and also shows that if you love a sketch there are so many ways to use it again and again in your books, and by changing this or that, flipping it, turning it sideways using different techniques it's a whole new layout! So so cool ~

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday ~ I think I am off to do some scrapping this morning as I was inspired by a new TECHNIQUE challenge on Creative Scrappers! Cheers :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Friday Friday! :-)

Well the week is ending like it started - pretty darn good ~ I am over the worst of my reaction and starting to feel good and healthy again ~ yippeee!!

In fact last night I sat down and did a layout - using the sketch from this weeks sketch challenge on Creative Scrappers ~ love the sketch and think I will be using this one more often. Using one of my favorite subjects of course my niece Carys ~ she has changed so much since these 3 month pictures haha as of course she would.
And on Monday night we had another 1 hour Sketch challenge on Creative Scrappers!!! It was the site's third and my second one ~ I so love the inspiration I am drawing from this group of very talented ladies, and being able to delve into my love of using sketchs while scrapping. Two layouts in one week so far ~ hey that is a record for me in the last while, and I hope to keep on a roll :-) Maybe after a little housecleaning tonight, I will sit and do another (we have a bonus sketch this week as well that I am itching to do) I am feeling so inspired! It's so good to be on the good side of a bad reaction now ~ and up up up and away!!!!!!!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's crazy the difference a day makes .....

Yesterday I was in a fabulous mood in the morning ~ Tuesday night not only did I finally convince my sister to join the online scrapbooking group Creative Scrappers ~ she needs inspiration very badly ~ she is a tool collector has some really cool things I don't haha ~ but she needs to find her creative outlet and actually USE THEM! So that was a big plus.

And I also reconnected with a friend that night, had an awesome chat that left me feeling great about everything ha ~ I love those kind of chats ~ re-energizes me and makes me motivated to get things done. And I am so happy to say ~ and in large because of all the talented and friendly gals on Creative Scrappers ~ I feel like scrapbooking again!!!!! Course I have to balance it with all the other stuff I let go of late haha like housecleaning but I am feeling inspired. I just wanted to get through the work day and go home and do some balancing hee hee ~ some cleaning and some scrapping ~ it's so good to feel inspired again! Then I got to touch base again in the day and chat with my lovely friend Kelly-Ann ~ she is back on MSN messenger on a more regular basis so I am able to connect with her more often ~ I so so missed her ~ and she confirmed she will be coming up to see me in a couple weeks or so, and I can't wait to see her and spend some quality time with her.

Well that was Wednesday - I was feeling on a high and went home and started some organizing of bookwork I have been ignoring for a few months ~ bad me ~ and got right into it as I was making supper ~ which turned out to be a very good thing that I got something done before I ate. Now here is my vent ~ I started to crash as soon as I ate (telling me that somehow I had contaminated myself with my food, and that I still have a ways to go to make my cooking in MY KITCHEN gluten free). As my body started to slump I got so angry and depressed (it's all part of the reaction though dealing with it isn't getting any easier) and then I further compounded it by eating something that I was unsure of (like that makes sense) because I was trying to ~~~ I don't know ~~~ better my mood? What I did was crash my whole system entirely. I became almost frozen with pain and discomfort and my body felt like it was falling into a drug induced coma ~ it's so hard to explain to people what it means to slip up ~ and I am not sure if the reactions are just worse when I slip up now ~ might be as your body is usually pretty gluten free and it is a shock to your system when you slip up. And I know part of the anger, that I start to feel unreasonably quickly, is because unlike indigestion or a mild stomach upset - I screw up my system for days! I mean I am up and at work like I have to be today, and my stomach pain has eased ~ but the drag on my body (like you are getting the flu) stays with me for days ~ therefore erasing all the wonderful motivation I had just a day before ~ lord it is frustrating. And there is not a thing I can do about it, not a pill I can take, or a way to eat something to offset it ~ I just have to ride out the reaction and try not to screw up too badly in the meantime. Which is frustrating in itself, because of course my lunch today is my supper last night (had no choice as it is all I had made in my fridge) it was either take that or starve today ~ which may end up being the choice in the end. I may have my son bring me some cereal (gluten free of course) for lunch ~ that may help that.

It's a bit overwhelming at times, and of course at the moment my mental health also takes a dip when I have a reaction ~ for it is harder to handle simple stresses in life when you are feeling like a truck hit you ~ but at least now I know I can climb out of this fog and there is a good place to be evenutally ~ I am usually in that good place most of the time now so I am going to try and take this dip and stop being so hard on myself. It does show me though that I have more work to do in my home, after having replaced so many things ~ I still have some research and changing to do. I mean a plus is that I have a whole new set of pots and pans, of bakeware, of cooking utensils ~ that is cool (if expensive) for haven't had new stuff for years and years, kinda fun to have new stuff.

Okay so that is part of Celiac Disease and learning to live with it ~ incredible highs and mind numbing lows ~ and I am striving to have more and more highs in my life (and I am well on my way) than lows. So today I am sick and unmotivated and feeling crappy - but in a few days I will be back on top of the world and back at it!!!!!

I promise myself. Hugs to you all ~

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Monday Monday .....

to all my friends who have "tagged" me on their sites of late, I will get to the tag never fear, though haha I won't have anyone to tag myself as you are the ones I chat with at all through my blog haha.

Well it was a very nice weekend, I went out by myself and joined my mom and her husband Ron out at the lake for a relaxing weekend. It was so nice and very much needed ~ just to be able to kick back and totally relax because well you have no other choice. Seems as if I missed too much of the summer this year, and will strive not to do the same next summer ~ too much work not enough play makes Sherri a very dull girl haha. I need my weekends back I have decided, and while giving up a second job I really enjoy (people, place) and the money that comes in from it ~ will be very much missed, my whole weekend and peace of mind will be a gain.

I keep waffling as to when, always something to save or pay for ya know ~ but I do know before the snow flies. Camping this weekend was so nice, we took a huge walk around the lake and went and viewed a few (from the outside) lake lots that are for sale, most with pre existing houses on them ~ my mom and Ron thinking of investing in a lake lot. I know it maybe a while coming yet for them to make a decision but it would be a definite plus to have a year round get away. When the world gets to be a bit much to be able to head out and not be too far from the city ~ just far enough to regroup and then get back at it.

I have been missing getting out on a regular basis and seeing my cropping friends, but they have all very busy lives right now and doesn't look like a meet up anytime soon. All fine as I have found a comfortable niche at home, and a great site for inspiration (Creative Scrappers) and I always have other lovely friends out there like Mel and Kelly that are a call away if I need some good ol' friend scrapping time. Fall is coming too and soon most will start back into regular routines, school starting, and while this brings it's own busy time ~ seems as if the scrapping world starts to come alive again.

Touched base with my friend Kelly-Ann this morning, it was good to hear from her ~ little Devlin is going through a bit of a rough spot, has a double hernia that he has been booked for surgery for, precious little one ~ and it will be nice when he is over these hurdles and can get to the business of growing strong and healthy. I am hoping to see her soon, she is going to try to come to Edmonton for a weekend and some good friend time, once the little one is finished his surgery and well onto healing. I can't wait to see her ~ and I hope that all goes very well with his surgery and his recovery and he is feeling tonnes better soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's been a quiet week so far ....

And that is fine by me ~ last night spent a few hours scanning and posting pictures on facebook of our BC vacation - here are a few of my favorites!

Me and my Alex

My sister Barb's precious little bunch

Just proves that no matter how old they get you can't keep them clean haha

Alex and Rob

My two youngest sisters, Barb and Amanda

Little Beach bum

My cousin Bonny
Alex and my sister Belinda

Alex and gf Sarah

Alex and my Grampa and Grampa
Special times, special people!

Monday, August 18, 2008

And Monday starts another week .....

Last week ended up being such a whirl wind ~ wonder what this week will bring haha. Thursday night of last week I ended up going out for supper with my friend Krystal ~ she has been my amazing and wonderful stylist for years, and we have become friends over that time, finally decided it was time we go out and have a good chat ~ and made supper plans. It was great, we get along very well and she is a pretty down earth gal ~ which suits me to a T. :-)

Saturday I was back at my retail job for the day, and truthfully had to drag myself to my sixth day this week ~ missing so much of the summer and starting to drag at the heavy schedule each week. We are going camping with my mom and Ron this coming up weekend ~ so so looking forward to getting away and just chilling. Really need a break ~ it's funny, as I actually had a vacation this year (first get away vacation in the last 4 years), to say that, but that time was so busy and so full of traveling and visiting and traveling and visiting and ...... well you get the picture ~ that this weekend feels like the only true get away time I am going to have this summer. I enjoy my time at my weekend retail ~ I work with great people, get a chance to get back to customer service (which I miss sometimes) and it's not stressful ~ but the six day weeks are starting to catch up with me, not as young as I use to be haha, and I have to start weighing the bit of extra cash against my declining life haha. So I will have to do some re-thinking over the next couple months, and go from there.

Sunday it was so hot here in the city ~ and though it seems silly to wish for cooler weather ~ considering what is to come haha ~ I am doing just that. My little place is an oven and therefore not much gets done on a day off where I just don't have the motivation to move haha, so Sunday was a quiet day. I did finish putting together the layout of my niece, below ~ and I was pleased with the end result. Just need some details from her mom, date and location to finish off the journal box. I hope the week cools as promised too, so that I can actually spend some time in my scrapping room and put my newly refound creative mood to work haha.

And we will see what this week brings ~ maybe this week will be the more quiet one and the get a few things done around the house one haha ~ if our weather cooperates and cools a bit. Otherwise maybe I should contact some friends and go sip a marguerita on a patio somewhere in the evenings haha, or go and take my new camera for a spin and get out to see some of the city ~ who knows the week is young ~
I do hope all of you have a fabulous one!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heading on UP! :-)

Well it's Thursday ~ and though I still have Friday and Saturday to work, the week has definitely taken an upward turn ~ as I knew it would haha. I do have to say with this new lease on life, by knowing what was causing alot of my health issues ~ having Celiac Disease ~ and being able to REALLY deal with it, have some control over improving and maintaining ~ and the big ONE to know that when there is a dip or a slip I WILL be able to change it and feel better ~ has me never staying down for long. It's amazing how everything is connected in our bodies ~ how it affects not only how we physically feel ~ but how we mentally feel. I can't ever trully explain how grateful I am to have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease ~ it has trully opened up a new chapter in life, and I am enjoying the challenge. The more I learn the less I slip ~ the better I feel ~ the more I want to learn ~ yada yada haha.

And here I was planning on having a quiet week at home, working on catching up around the house ~ keeping on the down low ~ it's funny how things in life can change so quickly. Along with my health improving this week, (and I feel great today!!!) with it came energy, and then things started getting busy, as they usually do ~ energy attracts action! I even started a layout of one of my beautiful nieces earlier on this week ~ it felt so good to be sitting at my scrapping table and creating some more art. Ran out and met my friend Mel one evening ~ and picked up my Epicure order ~ I love Epicure, it's safe and helps me put some of the spice back in life haha ~ only spice I get lately so better be good hahaha. I stopped in to our local Library on the way home, and got a new Library card!!! My son called me a dork haha, but I was amazed all that is in the Library now ~ I am so itching to spend alot more time in there ~ my new lease on energy has me thinking of researching and learning about new areas in life ~ there is so much knowledge out there and not enough hours in a day, who knows maybe I will find some new answers that will help connect my soul. That same evening I got a call from an old school friend, we hadn't connected for over 20 years really!!! It was great ~ we talked and talked for over an hour ~ I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The funniest part was that this week he is watching his 14 month old twins, while his lovely wife and young daughter are on a mini holiday ~ his antics of what those two cuties are putting dad through had me in tears ~ reconnecting with a friend does wonders.

My dear cousin Bonny is a bit glum these days - her beautiful daughter Kali is off to college - in Nebraska! Far from their home in Kelowna ~ but Bonny says that she has talked to her and she is happy and excited, and we all know that though it is hard to watch our loved ones follow a dream that takes them away from us - it is very good to the soul to know they are happy spreading their wings.

Last night we went over to my mom's place - had to go over and check out all the amazing yard work that Ron has been doing, he finished laying their new sidewalk in a cobblestone brick design, and then we went over all the new plans for their front landscaping soon to start. Hope to get my son Alex over there to help level the yard with the bobcat, will be a good skill to learn and add to his resume. We also were introduced to the newest member of the family - Little Sara - a beagle ~ she is about a year and a half old, full of life, and a perfect fit for mom and Ron.

And it's only Thursday haha - have more plans tonight now and who knows what the end of the week will bring haha ~~~~~

Hope you are all having a FABULOUS week!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday already ......

I guess I should really blog the bad with the good, if I want to keep an accurate journal for myself ~ then you can always look back and see that there are good and bad times, and life goes on. I have hit a serious low of late ~ and I know I will pull out of it, just a touch of summer blues combined with a few disappointments, a couple worries thrown in there, and a spirit lacking for scrapbooking of late.

I liked this quote I found today:

Milton Berle:
I'd rather be a "could-be', if I cannot be an "are'; because a "could-be" is a "maybe" who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a "has-been" than a "might-have-been', by far; for a "might-have-been" has never "been", but a "has" was once an "are'.

I think I need to look a bit into me more and find out what keeps me ticking and then build on that ~ get things back on track. I think part of the reason I am off is because I screwed up my eating early last week, which put me off for a good part of the week last week, and I just haven't climbed back up. Combined with the heat wave, and some stress ~ I am a bit of a physical mess right now, but I know I can improve that just need to figure out what I am continuing to eat that is hurting me, and try and let some of this stress go.

My dear employer ~ which some of you know has been battling with cancer, and was just shown to be cancer free early this year, like February ~ is once again ill and back on chemo ~ this has made my heart so very heavy. Their family has gone through so much, and it is so hard to watch loved ones go through this ~ as I know many of my friends can attest too ~ which also makes me very sad.

A friend of mine just told me of this quote she heard:
"Don't worry about things that you can't catch your breath, remember the things that take your breath away."

This is what I am striving for, more "take your breath away" moments ~

I am missing my sisters ~ though visiting is always hard when you don't have your own space and stuff around you ~ it really made me realize how very far away they all are, and not knowing when I will see them all again ~ just breaks my heart. I am fortunate to have relationships with all my sisters, I have friends that have none ~ and I have found over the years as we have gotten older, our relationships mature, change, and sometimes for the best sometimes they need a break. But the end line is ~ when we need each other ~ there is a sister there. I have been watching Charmed lately, haha so maybe this is even strengthening the missing the sisters thing ~ I knew having the last sister (my youngest) to move to BC was going to be hard, but I really wasn't as prepared to feel so lonely and so very far away from all of them. Course this was the first trip (my vacation) to see them in 4 years, and the reconnecting time also I am sure is adding to that. I just miss them all dearly.

I am glad today is cooler weather, it actually feels a bit chilly ~ but I would rather this than the horrid heat of last week. I find that the heat, once I walk out of work, just zaps any energy from me ~ I honestly don't get anything done at home or in life. So this week is going to be catch up week, as I see forcasted for the weekend back to the heat and all next week ~ so I am hoping to kick out some of these summer blues with some good ol' roll up your sleeves and get at it work ~ and blow the mood, the bad stomach and the feeling of despair ~ right out of the water haha.

And I wish for all of you ~ a fabulous week!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Little Devlin at home for the first time since being born on May 18th ~ snug as a bug in his new bed

Sweet little Devlin went home from the hospital today!!!

Way to grow little one, keep it up ~

So precious :-)

A great big thanks ....

Goes out to my fabulous friend Kristine - from Creative Scrappers.com ~ she is amazingly talented and created this new blog header for me, which I so love ~ and also posted great instructions so I could actually get it on here :-) ~ SHE ROCKS!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

yippee .....

We have a long weekend here in Alberta ~ and I am so thankful for it!!! Ha ha for me that means two whole days for myself and my home, and to relax or work in my space. Though for the most part I have gotten into a routine of working the six days a week again ~ I sure do enjoy my time off more, and cherish being able to just be at home, or having the energy to go out and do whatever shopping or errands that the full week of work zaps. I do have tonnes to do in my home, but today I think I need a day just for me ~ to catch up on things that I need to keep me even steven so to speak.

Need to catch up on some computer surfing time, get over to my friend Mike's blog and see how his trip is progressing ~ though from the heading showing up on my sideline I think he may have had another set back, that sucks ~ I know he wants to get on the road and continue his ride home. My thoughts and heart go out to him.

I love checking into my friend Sean's facebook site ~ he keeps us all updated on how my dear friend Kelly-Ann and little Devlin are doing, I do believe that precious little one is soon to come home ~ amazing little journey starting out, and soon home with his family. I can't wait to be able to get down to see him, and maybe even give him a bit of a cuddle soon!

Have emails to return, friends and family to keep in contact with ~ and have some "me" time to get to. I haven't scrapbooked in ages, and I can feel the tilt of life being a little off ~ scrapbooking for me is a calming and relaxing therapy to life, and I have been missing it dearly. My friend Kristine had the most awesome Sketchfest this past weekend, and though I missed participating at the actual time, I have so much inspiration to gaze at and get my mojo kick started again.

I think for the most part I have fallen into a bit of a summer funk - but I have every faith in myself that I will blow it away soon ~ life is good and full and as my health gets better and better ~ I can feel the energy and motivation returning, I have a bit of catching up to do all around me, but I have the faith in myself that I will get things done, and that now is really the beginning of the next phase of my life, and I only see bright and beautiful things from here on out!

I do hope that you all have a peaceful and beautiful day, whatever and whomever you spend it with - till next update ~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wow - life is just a flying by .......

I can't believe it is the 24th of July already - vacation come and gone ~ back to the grind at work/s haha. Today is actually my 10 year anniversary at my main employment - wow 10 years, it's amazing to me all that has happened in my life since I came into Edmonton to work, and then also moved here. How my son has grown since starting here, he is now a young man and doing well in life, he does my heart good. Our moves, the changes in me and my life, outlook and friends ~ weddings, funerals, divorces and special births ~ 10 years - a decade of time and experiences.

My vacation was really nice, guess you appreciate things even more when it is 4 years since the last one haha. As I knew I would I loved getting on the road with the kids, Alex and his gf Sarah - and taking our first leg of the trip to Kelowna. My cousin Bonny had supper ready and waiting, just threw the steaks on the barby when we arrived, and we had a lovely evening visiting with her and her family. The next day we went to the Kelowna boardwalk - strolled in the sunshine, chatting, people watching ~ stopped to get a henna tatoo, have some lunch and visit. It was lovely - really had a good time visiting with my cousin Bonny, first time I have ever been out to visit her and already looking forward to the next time we can get out and spend some time there.

I really enjoyed going out and re-visiting BC, seeing my nieces and nephews (they are all growing so fast) and spending time with my sisters. We spent some time at Harrison Beach just out of Chilliwack - with sisters Amanda and Barbra and kids, the afternoon on the beach ~ my family all being beach babies (and me in the shade haha) had a great time building sand castles and playing in the water. My son Alex thinking he was going to start his summer color, did just so, with a fiery red at the end of the day - silly young man, so he was a bit sore for a few days until things stopped cooking, and much more respectful of the sun ha.

Went up to Bridal Falls one morning, a nice little hike and then the beauty of the falls - the kids (niece Hayley and nephew Austin) were so enthralled with the fact that they could drink right from the falls, haha though my little niece promptly told us she spit it out - she is only 4 and though ready to try was not so sure we were telling the truth that the water was fresh ha. So cute. I envy them living so close to all the natural beauty of the area.

Traveled into North Vancouver to spend some time with my sister Belinda and her family - we went to Grandville Island for the day, shopping, eating and walking - love Grandville and all the cute little shops there. Also spent some time shopping for gluten free stores and stuff, that was fun. My sister Belinda is very into understanding celiac disease, and wanted to make my trip as smooth as possible ~ and also get some education herself in case her tests come back positive. Groundwork so to speak haha. We started getting ready for my son's big party on Saturday. Had fun getting the yard decorated, went with a Hawiian theme - Belinda's ideas came to life before our eyes and I was very pleased with the effect. We had a great time, lots of food, family, and visiting.

Back we went to Chilliwack to finish off our trip ~ went on a steep and tiring hike up Tea pot hill - don't let the flowery name fool you, nothing tea pot about it haha - but the amazing view at the top was worth it, could see the valley ~ awesome. Then back down down down the trail, and then to the lake for the rest of the afternoon, my sister Barb and I took Austin and baby Carys and went off to bring Austin to his hockey practice - that was great, he puts on those skates and he gains about 3 years in maturity - how sure of himself and smooth he is on those skates, fun to watch when I wasn't running around after my little niece haha. And then back to the lake for supper and the evening with the rest of the crew.

On our way out on Tuesday morning, my sister Amanda decided she and Barb and the kids should come just out of town with us and we should all go to Othello Tunnels before we left for home. I wanted to get on the road, but I am so glad I let her talk us into the detour, not only did we get to spend a little more time with the kids and my two youngest sisters, but I really enjoyed soaking up more of the beautiful area, the tunnels and the white water running in the valley - just breathtaking. I decided I really need to start getting out more too and enjoying the wonders and sites of my own area - lots of beautiful places and spaces in and around the city too.

It was more than a little emotional to say good-bye, not sure when I will see them all again ~ even my little sister Amanda was a teary eyed as I was, she just moved out there, after living her whole life near me ~ and it was hard to leave my sisters all in BC, not knowing when I will be able to spend time with them again. I know my mom and I are really going to feel Amanda now being gone as well, makes me so sad ~ but I am comforted by the fact that she has a beautiful place in Chilliwack and she is happy to be there and starting a new adventure in life. I wish her and her honey Rob well.

And I am so so so glad to be home myself, nothing like a trip away to make you appreciate your space and routine in life I tell ya! I missed my bed, my couch, and even as weird as it sounds my fridge haha, yep my fridge.

I had some time today to go to my friend Mike's site and read up on how he is doing on his own motorcycling trip down around the states and back, he is stuck in California right now with some bike troubles, I hope he gets on the road again soon. His blog has been like reading a really good novel, he is a great writer, you can almost see things when he describes the sites and sounds ~ the amazing information age eh?! Hard to even think what we would do without the internet ~ okay well I am off to actually do some work today, been an easy day ~ first day back and my employers are off to the Indy today - I hope they have a great weekend end enjoying the races, they not only deserve it - they need it.

And I hope all my friends and family have a great week too!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am humbled ....

by life ~ and the trials and tribulations that some who are so close to me are going through. I am awed by the miracles, some small some great that I have witnessed in the last months, and forever grateful for those moments in life that still can take my breath away ~ or for those simple things that just make me smile.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I am a bit preoccupied today ....

Little Devlin is going through a tough patch right now and it is a bit of a worry ~ they just feel so far away. I read on Sean's status today, that he is back on antibiotics, and they have stopped feeding him again and is scheduled for more tests. One step forward two steps back right now - such a little fighter that little one is ~ he makes my heart swell with wonder. Going to visit him really affected me, I have a deep sense of awe that I can't shake, and a deep calm ~ you really see how small you are and your problems are when you witness such a beautiful miracle ~ hard to explain. He really has filled some of the places of my heart that have been hollow lately, he is amazing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How was your Canada day????

As my son was off in BC helping my little sister move there - I kept busy around the house, so much to do ~ yesterday I finally got up my bedroom curtains (have just had venitian blinds for years) and I can't believe the difference in the look. I love it ~ Went out to buy some bottled water also and thought I would slip into Linen n' Things to see if they had a curtain for in front of my washer and dryer set (the huge mirrored doors that were there can not go back up as the dryer is too big now and I walked out of the store a mighty bit poorer haha - bought a new pots and pans cookware set and a new bakeware set - I need to replace all this cooking stuff now that my way of eating has been changed - sounds weird I know - but even the smallest microorganism of gluten sets off a reaction - and after cooking with gluten heavy foods for years you can not get any cookware clean enough - crazy I know!

And as for my little sister, Rob and my son Alex. They are pulling a 14 ft trailer from Budget Rentals. They took it with their own truck to BC the first way on Monday, the load was impossibly heavy, I was a bit worried ~ they even had to go and change out the hitch and get some equalizer bars put on the load before they left on Monday - Ron (my mom's hubby and a truck driver) didn't like what they had. Anyway the load proved to be a bit much for their truck, because something went wrong, and their truck had to be left in Chilliwack because it needs repair and they had to rent another truck so that they can bring the trailer back, and pick up the remaining stuff here. So they had to rent a truck to bring back the rented trailer to Edmonton, they didn't end up leaving Chilliwack till about 6:30 BC time, traveled to just before Valemount ~ stopped at a Huskey just outside ~ met a very shaken woman who had just been caught at the end of the mudslide - Rob was going to push on anyway, but the highway police stopped them at Valemount told them the highway was closed, so they had to spend the night there. Said that they could continue on once the highway was cleared figured about noon today - but no - just before noon the highway and Mount Robison pass has been closed completely and they were turned back, so they have to head back to Kamloops and then take the Rogers Pass way ~ a good 16 hour driving day for them, lordy lordy it has been quite the trial this whole move, from start.

I will just be happy when they are home here safe with my son, and hope they have a safe drive back to BC. Won't be settled until they are back in Chilliwack.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Heart in my throat today ....

Well yesterday was a busy busy day - getting my sister Amanda and her man Rob all packed up for their move to BC today. They are on the road today, with my son going along to assist in their unpacking, with their crazy heavily truck and 14ft long trailer packed to the brim. My heart is in my throat for a number of reasons - first because of their trip, I hope they all stay safe and that their trip is smooth and uneventful, a bit more than nervous at the weight of the load and them traveling through the mountains. And two because my last sister who was here in Alberta is now moving to BC ~ that means all 4 (three of who I am still in regular contact) sisters will now be living in BC, and it seems so far away.

It makes me sad, you know that they have to do what makes them happy ~ and they all seem to gravitate to the coast for some reason ~ we all originated from here not BC but the mountains and ocean calls them I guess. Myself I am an Alberta girl, true I like the mountains fine enough, to visit, but in my heart I am a prairie girl, I love the flat open spaces and being able to see fields and rolling hills for miles and miles when you hit a high spot in the terrain. I like having 4 definite seasons, even like the snow on occasion haha, I know come deep winter when it seems like it will never end I may be retracting those words, but now with the sun shining brightly outside and the green grass a-swaying I can say that I like my seasons, all of them.

It also just makes me sad for that is less family at holiday time, means all my sons Aunts and cousins are in BC (on my side of the family - really the side he sees) ~ and that now with the rise in gas prices, and the expense of living we won't get to see them on a yearly basis ~ and that will make them seem even farther away.

So I am in a very thoughtful mood today, as my youngest sister heads West to join the others ~ I will miss having her close, and hope that we don't lose touch ~ and wish her all the happiness in the next step for her adventure called life.

Take care all,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday again?!! haha

HHHHmmmm see I haven't updated my blog for a bit now, must remedy that right now. Course not like anything huge has happened but like I said my blog is not only a connection to some cyber friends I have out there, who one day it would be awesome to meet, some good friends, but also a running tally for myself on how life goes by.
I went and took a trip to see my friend Kelly-Ann and her sweet little premmie last weekend, it was basically a there and back trip ~ but I am oh so glad I was able to spend a few precious hours with little Devlin ~ who as of today is up to 3 pds 1 ounce and growing. He was a tiny little miracle, his little little fingers, little toes, soft little fringe of eyelashs just finally growing. He is going through alot and it is hard to see the little guy hooked up to tubes and machines, but he is growing and getting a little stronger everyday ~ I sure wish we lived closer to one another, they seem so far away right now. I was just awed by his tiny little person, and very humbled about life in general. And I so am missing my friend Kelly-Ann, I wish we could melt the miles away ~ it's hard to support friends the way you want to when they move away. And I miss our spontaneous nights going out to supper, or going to the comedy club, or kicking up our heals a bit. Here is a recent photo daddy Sean posted up of mom and dad with sweet little Devlin ~ got to love Facebook I have been able to see him progress and grow, such a sweet little miracle that one.
I am in a pretty fabulous mood today, went out on a date last night ~ yes those of you who know me well will be gasping in shock haha, yes yes I did. And I had a great time ~ it was with a guy I have known for a number of years, so this will be the start of a rekindled relationship?! I do think so ~ but I will take things day by day and see how it goes. Both of us work all the time, and don't have much spare time to give to anyone ~ but our history and knowing exactly where the ball is at may just work in our favor I think. Time will tell.

I haven't seen much of my scrapbooking gals lately, going through a big withdrawl ~ but going to see them this Friday for a crop so at least we can touch base a bit then ~ a little reconnecting time in order.

Life is finally evening out a bit ~ and maybe even taking an upward turn and getting a bit exciting in the process haha - I can use it.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A little creating time ...

I just did four 8x8 layouts of my mom's ceremony in December to add to my gift album I am doing up for my grandparents ~ almost completed and should be ready to travel with me to BC this summer ~ thought I would share the wedding layouts :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Monday Monday .....

and back at work today ~ feels a bit strange, but all good.

It's been a bit of a quieter day today, not too busy just steady ~ so gives me the opportunity to check into a couple sites, and run in here. Want to go and check out some more blogs today ~ there is a never ending supply of inspiration out there, really makes me wish I didn't have to work to pay the bills haha, so I could sit home and just create.

Should be a smooth week this week, I don't have alot planned in the way of going out ~ a bunch of my scrapbooking cropping friends are heading off to a crop retreat this weekend coming up. :-( I decided that vacation has to rule precident for now, so I could not join them ~ but so looking forward to getting to BC in the summer, I haven't been to BC for 4 years now, and haven't seen some of my family there since then.

Feels a bit weird to really have no big plans for the next while ~ I have been on the go so much the last while that I have to re-learn what to do with down time ~ lots has been piling up at home to do so that will keep me busy for awhile, and now that the weather is getting so nice I really need to look at getting out more and getting some exercise ~ maybe start a regular walking schedule and once completely healed maybe use that gym membership I pay for monthly hahahaaha ~ my kid would be so surprised hee hee.

Well ladies I want to wish you all a very good day, and have fun whatever you get up to.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

and how am I feeling?????

Well not too bad, though I have been sitting here at the computer adding my new scrapping friends from Creative Scrappers and now I am a bit tired and sore, so time to lie down again.

Have to say they give you some great drugs at the hospital haha, so for the most part my discomfort is kept to a minimum. I do have to comment I have some really good people out there not only in cyber land but around here that have wished me well, and thank you all for that ~ it warms my heart.

Okay back to the couch for me time to have a little more rest time, can't wait till I feel good enough to start scrapbooking again, so I can join in on the fun of the new sketches challanges on the Creative Scrappers site. Kristine and friends have done such a great job getting things going, lots of fun and always something to be inspired by on there!!

www.creative-scrappers.com ~

Okay the couch calling ~ take care everyone!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday hhhhmmmmm ......

Well I am heading to the hospital soon, having a little day surgery ~ nothing life threatening ~ but I am a bit nervous all the same. I haven't been under a knife since my son was born or even before really when I had my tonsils out at 17 haha ~ so it's been awhile. Kinda in a upsy downsy mood ~ keeps flipping all over the place ~ but I am told that is a very natural and normal thing, so for once I am acting normal ha.

I am so loving how the recent rains have greened up our space in the world, spring is really finally here ~ soon I can get my flowers and plant up all my containers and then it will feel like summer! I also really want to start thinking about giving my little space a fresh coat of paint, we have been here a while and it still has the original dull grey white on the walls. As I get feeling better and better on my new diet, my motivation and energy is returning so I want to renovate!!!! haha My body and my ds may not be ready for that just yet but I can't wait to start splashing some colors on the walls, my home is really my peaceful place ~ and even more that I have my love of scrapbooking and it has become my place of creation, I want to spruce it up.

And all the green and sunshine out right now inspires me :-)
I hope everyone has a lovely week!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How quickly things change .....

Little Devlin John Magill was born on Sunday May 18th ~ 1 am ~ 12 weeks premature. Both mom and baby are doing fine at this time ~ the little guy is just 2 pds 4 ounces yet reported to be 32 cm long! Going to be a tall little guy. It was quite a shock this weekend, we were not expecting him for another 3 mths, but he decided it was time to get out into the world ~ so please all who read my blog send your good thoughts and prayers that he gets stronger everyday.

hugs to all and hope you all had lovely weekends!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday .......

And the first long weekend of the year for most - I myself have to work two of the days of the long weekend - but I am going to pack in a day full of life on the one I am off haha.

And I am wishing for great weather for all, I know more than one person traveling this weekend, whether to go and visit family or friends, weddings, camping etc _ I hope this awesome weather holds so that everyone has one full of sunshine.

I have a good friend coming over this evening to do some visiting, bring me a lovely caffiene drink and sit and scrapbook the evening away - all I can say is YIPPEE ~ that will be a highlight. And I am finally able to get in and see my hair stylist so she can fix this ever growing mess that is atop my head haha, so I like my reflection in the mirror every morning again. So off to get a new do after work and a great visit in with my stylist who is also a good friend.

So I wish all my friends a great weekend - go out ~ be safe - be happy whatever you get up too!

Just me ~

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday it is ........................

Well the weekend went by so fast, but I really enjoyed having the full two days off, and at least with this coming weekend being a long one I will have another two day weekend as well ~ so hip hip horray for that one. :-)

Did some fun running around on Saturday, and Sunday (Mother's day) my son and I went and spent the afternoon with my mom and her hubby puttering around in their yard. The weather wasn't as nice as it has been in some years but the sun was a shining and no snow to be seen, so it was a very very nice day indeed.

It gets at this time of the year I just itch to get into the planting and the dirt, but living in a place that I can only container garden I don't get my flowers till the beginning of June, so I am going to have to be patient for a couple more weeks. I am so looking forward to getting the deck set up and having that space back outside, looking into getting myself an electric BBQ this year, just got rid of the old propane one to recycle finally ~ and as I am not totally comfortable with propane, and my sister won't let me buy bricket/charcoal one because of the recent studies on how the fumes are cancerous with that, I am looking at electric. Anyone ever had any experience with those?

My son and his sweet girlfriend just passed their 11 mth and are heading towards their one year anniversary of being together, now some people would scoff at that, but I give my son kudos for it's longer than any relationship I have had in a few years, and they are a great couple. Both sides of the family (hers and his) like spending time with the couple, and are all looking forward to taking them both on family trips this summer. My son's girlfriend will be coming with us when we head to BC this summer to visit with family, and my son will head with theirs to go to a family reunion. This may sound funny, but honestly watching them as a couple I hope that one day I myself find a relationship that is so solid, course I could do with out all the silly young couple stuff, but the mutual respect and blending with family would be nice. :-)

I am so happy to see no snow on the ground anymore, touch wood ~ even though the spring is a bit chillier than some past years ~ I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT haha - that way we know that summer is on it's way. I was very excited to see my tree out in front of my deck this weekend start to show real buds, very excited ~ and soon flower weather, and vacation time ~ and I am happy! Though I am not happy with our gas prices going up and up, sad when you think that the majority of money saved for vacation will be spent on gas money. My sister said so what things are we going to plan when you are down, and then we both almost said at the same time - well as long as it doesn't cost to much haha. Good thing I like my family, and that there are so many there to visit.

My youngest sister and her beau are planning to move to BC by the end of next month, this makes me pretty sad ~ she was my last sister in Alberta, the rest are already moved to BC and have had families in BC. But I guess they have to be where they are happiest, as I am an Alberta girl ~ and it would take my son wanting to relocate to BC for me to go there, I guess in someways I can understand. But I still miss seeing them all, just have to gather my scrapbooking "sisters" and friends closer ~

Here is one layout I did that really touched my heart - I love the song and thought it fit my little niece's picture so well ~ Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday !!!!!!!!!!

I was a busy bee scanning more layouts last night, I have up-loaded them to my layout gallery and will on and off post them into my blog ~ I counted I had over 30 layouts that I have done since the beginning of the year, that I wanted to scan. It takes so long to do so though, that I only do a bit every night ~ think I am almost caught up with the ones I want scanned ~ and on we go haha.

I am very excited ~ I actually took a Saturday off just for me ~ the six day a week work schedule has been wearing at times ~ though my first big reward of the extra came last week! We were able to buy a new dryer,!!!!ours was not only dying quickly but so so unsafe mechanically ~ I am very happy with my new lovely machine. Every time I walk down the hallway I give it a little approving and welcoming pat haha ~ it was a blessing to do towels the other night and be able to dry them all fluffy, a real pleasure. It's been awhile haha.

So our weather here is beautiful with the promise of a lovely weekend, just in time for Mother's day ~ I plan on doing some scrapping of course, but resting and visiting as well.

I want to wish all my lovely friends a Happy Mother's day, and those who are not mothers (per say - my sister is the mother of a cat haha) have an awesome weekend!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's snowing ~~~~ Again!

Well I have to say I am trying to stay very positive about life lately ~ doing more things for myself and things I love, reconnecting with friends, making new ones, and taking care of myself ~ health wise, etc. and looking forward to little things and big things to come ~~~~~ this snow though is making it tough hahaha. I want green grass, sunshine, and buds on trees and in flower beds ~ I want to be able to leave my window open at night, sit out on my deck and not lug my scrapbooking stuff through the snow or cold weather. For now we have snow, yet again ~ but at least this time of year we can be assured (YES WE CAN!) that it won't stay long. Though I am sitting here wearing two sweaters at work, and you know on the last day of April that just doesn't seem right ~ but I am looking ahead to a warmer weekend, let's hope!!!

Taxes - that is almost a dirty word, I skipped a scrapbooking party last night because I had not done my taxes yet and didn't want to leave to the very last day to get them done haha, just second last hahaahahahahah. Well I go home from work, make some supper ~ watch the news and then figure okay time to get at it. And the QuickTax won't load on my older computer !!! Yikes - I admit I was a bit shaky there for a bit, sat and thought for a bit ~ and then just loaded myself right back up and went back to the office ~ so here I was sitting in a dark and empty building till almost 11 at night doing my taxes haha, figures. And then of course I can't Netfile them like I usually do because I have left it so late and the lines are jammed! So into the mail they will go today ~ ha next year I think I had better plan a touch better, don't need the stress hee hee.

Well coming up is National Scrapbooking Day (May 3rd) ~ what are your plans? I am working of course, but I am going to go with my wonderful friend Kelly to a crop the evening before ~ so that will be fun celebrating a bit. Also on my msn group - Enchanted Scrappers - my lovely creative manager Lori, has set up a week and a half long online cyber crop for the event - with challenges and classes, and games ~ so it will fit alot of our schedules on the group as we can drop in when we can. So looking forward to joining in on that fun as well.

My son had his Handball Provincials last weekend ~ and though working through part of it, I caught the last three games. I love Team Handball ~ it's an intense and exciting sport, and I am very glad he has kept up with it all these years ~ gets better and better as they get older. So the boys brought home the Bronze medals - they of course wanted Gold (that is what they won last year) but we told them to strive for it again next year, and be happy they placed in the medals ~ they played some awesome teams and they more than held their own. And my son brought home the MVP award for the left wing of the weekend, which he was very pleased with.

I attended a crop night on Friday - it was part of a Charity weekend crop for kids - held by my friend Shannon. At the end of the weekend she had a cheque for $1600 to give to Kids Kottage, and a number of donated items ~ so that was WONDERBAR!!! I was happy that I could contribute to the event in any little way ~ it was a fun evening, I even was able to spend some cropping time with my friend Melanni, and meet her friend Debbie.

Healthwise I am getting things underway and organized ~ I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease ~ and my life is going to undergo a huge change ~ but I am excited to get it all underway and start to feel better and healthier. Had my lovely gastroscopy last week ~ to confirm and take a look at the damage ~ for the most part that went smoothly the hardest part was trying to get an IV into my dehydrated and small veins, have lovely bruises to show off haha ~ but I feel blessed that a light is in the tunnel and I feel I am heading towards a good direction. My new way of eating is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I am up for it ~ especially as I feel my energy and drive returning ~ makes every sacrifice worth it!!

Well happy Wednesday to you all ~

Friday, April 25, 2008

Something nice to end the week and start the weekend with ...

I got this in an email today ......


When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend. And then I started to become a woman.

And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, you will be shown the best in many friends.

One friend is needed when you're going through things with your partner.

Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your parents.

Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities.

Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.

One friend will say, 'Let's cry together,' another,'Let's fight together,' another, 'Let's walk away together.'

One friend will meet your spiritual need, another your shoe fetish, another your love for movies, another will be with you in your season of confusion, another will be your clarifier, Another the wind beneath your wings.

But what ever their assignment in your life, on whatever the occasion, on whatever the day, or wherever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes on and hair pulled back,or to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself....... Those are your best friends.

It may all be wrapped up in one woman, but for many, it's wrapped up in several.....one from 6th grade, one from high school, some from the college years, a couple from old jobs.

On some days your mother. On some days your neighbor. On others, your sisters, cousins. And on some days, your daughters.

So here is to all my girls that have made a difference in my life,
LOVE Ya! And Thank you ~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks Kristine ...

I asked her to send me the directions to update my blog with a cool header ~ a pic or something more personal. So I need to now follow her great directions and hopefully soon, when I have some time, I will be on my way to having a cooler site! For me anyway haha, still lots to learn on what I can do with this blogger site, fun to learn.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Friday rolls around :-)

I do hope you all have a fabulous weekend ~ it's going to snow and blow here in Alberta ~ so any of you that have sunny skies could you please wish a little of that this way haha. BBBBBrrrrrrrrrr but on the bright spot we are in April and no matter what mother nature throws at us, nicer weather is sure to prevail soon. :-)

I have a busy busy day tomorrow - I have a meeting first thing in the morning, then a meeting at the bank with my treasurer of my Community League, and then I am off to work. This 6 days a week sometimes bites a little, but I am about to see some payoff for all of this ~ I now have enough saved up for a new dryer!!!!! I am very excited, so I hope to get that all wrapped up in the next week or so ~ what can I say I am a simple girl ~ simple things can please me. We are also getting new front doors and screens in our condos to match the new windows put in a couple months ago ~ that has me really happy. Mine is on it's last legs and I was looking to some money to try and fix it, now that will be taken care of, I can't wait.

I did have some very sad and upsetting news about a family member in Southern Alberta, my cousin who is only a couple years older than I ~ has developed a very fast growing and aggressive cancer, scary ~ they don't know if they can treat it as yet. My heart goes out to him and his family, and I pray for a treatment that will help him fight this.

I am extremely thankful for my life, and the recent tradegies in my family have really stressed how precious it is. I continue to strive each day learning how to live life more full, more happily, and getting more out of it.

I wish a wonderful weekend for you all ~ weather we end up under snow or now ~ just keep safe and stay happy!


Friday, April 11, 2008

weekend approaching - great!

At 17 weeks
My close friend Kelly-Ann is expecting a little boy come this August, and I am finding this really an exciting time.

At 21 weeks

She is being a real sweetheart and faithfully taking pictures along the way ~ for her scrapbooking friend so I can do a layout of her as she grows. :-)

She is coming up this weekend (she moved to Calgary on me last August) for her next doctor's appointment, and I am really happy she and I will have some visiting time. I have a crazy busy weekend this weekend as per the norm lately, so this will be a wonderful highlight in and amongst the regular responsibilites and errands.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a safe and wonderful time with family and / or friends!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Need a smile?? haha

And it all starts with a kiss tee hee -

Just thought I would post a few silly pics of some of our cropping fun. :-) It makes me smile ~ most of these pics are from one of our first cropping adventures together ~ and a couple from other fun times ~ I look forward to more of these nights!

Our little mascot ;-)

And we don't even drink at these things haha

I needed a smile today so I pulled up these pictures - hope they made you smile too - cheers :-)