Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Thinking about #the100dayproject ... my direction

So today is the official start day of #the100dayproject 2019 
The 100 Day project Website  

Lindsay Jean Thomson says this about the project:
"All around the world, thousands of folks are picking up their paint brushes, sitting down to write, and committing other acts of creativity and bravery.

We believe that spending even five or ten minutes a day to do something just because it brings you joy or challenges you or moves you towards a goal is radical. By making something every day, you are doing your part to make the world a more loving and vibrant place." 

 Last year my attempt at the project was doing Artist Trading Cards - I do believe I made it to about 60 - then my interest waned, life got busy, my creative drive took me in a different direction - and that was that. This year I wanted to open the box a bit more and give myself creative options so that I could join in the amazing connection I see from people all over the world, feeling like a part of it, a contributor to the idea - and at the same time enriching my life and learning along the way.

There are so many amazing challenges out there for people to take a part in - and it is fun to dip into this and that and play along. This year though I wanted to take this particular challenge and customize it to something that feeds my soul and passions. 

Learning about "Social Media"

I want to dedicate my #the100dayproject to learning more about how it can not only enrich our lives but open us up to a world of possibilities.

Learning about social platforms I already use - some I use much more - so to delve into what works for me "right now". How I can refresh my knowledge and find new ways to connect, promote, build.  

How I am going to track this progress on the project is still in the works - for now I am going to make a list of the platforms I want to improve upon and learn more about - dedicating the next 100 days to do so. 

1. Blogging
2. Instagram
3. Facebook
4. LinkedIn 

 This ties into my creative life passion - now and for future plans. And the best part is I can work all aspects of my creativity into this - art, food, gardening, business, and more. 

Excited to have settled on my path for this challenge.

Friday, October 6, 2017

It is coming!!! The BIG 5 0

I am in the last month of my forties I have a lot of mixed emotions about this upcoming number of 50 and what it means to me - that I am only now starting to sift through and take note of. 

I decided for my own self care and growth that instead of sitting down and writing a list of things I never attained or wish I had accomplished before I turn 50 to instead create a more intention setting list.  So it is a two part - first starting on Oct 4 and for the next 30 days I am doing a daily creative activity - a little 3x4 card of a goal, Dream, hope or idea I would like to accomplish IN MY 50th year - so attainable ideas that by listing and a thoughtful putting out into the Universe I will be inspired to push forward and attain - and two to keep a larger list in progress and find a way to creatively explore and keep track of my year as I go along ... a journal maybe?

For as I was sitting and thinking about these little cards and making that list I ended coming up with a much larger list - that may still grow and change, as even now as I read it and reread it is sparking ideas and action - just as I want it to. :)

The 50th Year Intention List:
- Do something special on my 50th bday
- Take a photography / Digital Camera class or workshop
- Host a dinner party at least once every couple months
- reconnect with family
- Go on an all girls weekend getaway or retreat
- Get a new cell phone
- Go canoeing
- Learn to knit / crochet a simple flower piece
- Make a list of Farmers Markets and attend each one at least once
- Eat at new restaurants we have not tried
- Organize, clean, recycle, declutter at least once a month
- Have a garage sale
- Get a tattoo
- Enter a 5km even if I have to walk
- Take a yoga or fitness class
- Take a meditation workshop
- Blog at least once a week
- Take a cooking class
- Read a novel/book at least once a month
- Volunteer
- Develop a daily creative practice
- Go on more city and area tours
- Travel more locally
- Have a meatless supper once a week
- Lose 20 pounds before _________ and then reset goal
- Take a Spanish course
- Start a walking program at least 2-3 times a week
- Take a painting class
- Practice RAK more often
- Reconnect with nieces and nephews 
- Carve out friend date time regularly 
- Plan a sister get away
- Start an Etsy store
- Take some online or classroom training regarding Social Media platforms
- Look into Art Therapy courses
- Learn to Budget
- Attend more live theatre performances
- Lay outside and look at the stars more
- Take more meaningful pictures of my world
- Compliment someone everyday
- Look in a mirror and be happy with what I see
- Sew more
- Visit / Explore new places / experiences
- Go camping
- Learn to create a better blog - more enticing
- Set relationship goals and meet them
- Tell those I love that I do - often
- Find one thing to be grateful about every single day
- Journal on a regular basis
- Smile more often  ...

Sherri <3 br="">

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Making Changes ...

Ok I have felt a call to start being a more regular contributor to my writing, it is a part of my creative process, seriously neglected - this would include taking a deeper interest in blogging  - I have two blogs, the Creative life and then the Food life - so I need to make a few decisions. 

Do I change format? Do I change platforms? What is the best way to learn about changing anything? How do I form good habits when it comes to writing content? 

What do I want out of blogging? 

So why do I blog in the first place?
And what is stopping me from not doing this on a regular basis?  

Who am I writing for? Who do I want to reach? Why do I want to reach and connect? 

Am I complicating the process? How do I show more of "me" without feeling exposed?
What do I feel is "being too exposed?"
What can I learn from others?

So for those that may tune into my blog ... patience please - hopefully I can navigate these questions and will start connecting more with all of you that I would love to share this wonderful creative life with! 

Sherri 💓

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Christmas Wood Pieces ...

Every year I found we were always searching for ways to display the Christmas cards and Christmas pictures received by friends and family - we would use ribbon and hang them in front hallway or ribbon across the mantle place or bookshelves would hold some, at times we had so many cards that our front door way was lined with them and of course being that you are always bundled up that time of year - eventually some would find their way to the floor being knocked off as you would take off your coat - ha ha frustrating.

Looking on "Pinterest" one day I was searching up different ways to display Christmas cards and came across a beautiful wood project that looked like something we could easily build - well in honesty that Kevin could build and I could finish ha ha. Along with that I found an idea for a beautiful Christmas wood sign for the mantle and asked him to make me the base of this as well.  

The base of the card holder - hangers on back and stained
 First a simple 10 x 1" board - stained with a walnut ink - and he put heavy duty picture hangers on the back to hang on the existing nails in the wall (other projects there the rest of the year).
 The base of the Wood sign was also stained in a walnut ink - 10 X 1" boards used with a 1 x2" cross brace twice on the back side. 

Painted up some simple wood cloths pins and got my glue gun ready.  For the wording on the Christmas card holder I had some stick and peel vinyl that I ran through my cricut machine to cut out the letters. It was a bit finicky to pull the vinyl and place the letters smoothly but with a little swearing (have to be honest) and a whole lot of patience letter by letter all down, love the look.  Could have also painted letters on - would have worked well also.
Finished piece - Christmas Card Holder

The finished piece looks awesome and love having the cards all in one place and organized - last Christmas we did not get many cards (as I was neglectful in sending any) so I fill the blanks with pictures of family and friends and loved the warm look in the front hallway.

The Christmas wood sign - I just used a white china pencil to write the words on the piece.  I was not sure if I was going to keep the sign with those words on it so I wanted to be able to erase them if I want to change my mind.  Paint would definitely make the words pop - but the pictures do not do justice to how lovely this piece is on my mantle. Kevin also made a little wedge piece that the piece sits on so I did not have to think about how to hang it.  

Love the look - I am a woodsy sort of gal so I love the look of wood in my home, and love that warm walnut stain.  

Friday, September 9, 2016

Decorative Painted Fence Pieces - Pinterest Inspired

I wanted to add a little pizzaz to the back of my gardens - something that was more stable and I did not have to wait to grow in height, a decorative piece versus a plant or flower.  I had seen some cute styles of decorative fence pieces on Pinterest and asked my guy if he could build me a couple styles - with the option of sturdy stakes so I could firmly put them in the back of my garden.  

My guy Kevin is a wonder - he is the "if I can show him he can built it" wood guy - I love when I see something (on Pinterest usually or even at one of the greenhouses) and say "oh I love that - do you think we could do something like that" that he figures it out. 
My awesome wishing well (needs to be stained) that we saw something similar at the greenhouse and he built me this! 

I do however have more than one wood project that Kevin has done his part but I have yet to finish mine - but I don't mind as then when it strikes me to get it out and finish I am only waiting on myself ha ha ~ not for him to design and build it.  ;) 

So asked him to build me some sturdy fence pieces - 

 I wanted two different designs to see which one I enjoyed painting up more - I decided to do the more intricate one first and then that also changed my plan for the second one (which I am not done yet - though I could put out as is - I want to add a bit more.)

I found that I loved the first one more with the more intricate birdhouses - and added bee hives on it - took longer to do of course and as the season was late when finished they never got into the gardens this summer ha ha.
Instead they are in my nook where my pantries sit (and wait to be painted as well) and I love them. 

Brings that little bit of garden look I love into my kitchen nook area, and they sit nicely on top of the counters.

This one not finished yet
My painting station in our living room ha ha - a bit awkward - next on the list a big easel ha ha ;)
I found working on my set up in my living room a bit hard on my back at times - as kind of slightly stooped for long periods of time. Already I have my guy thinking of a way to build me a sturdy easel that I could use for the fences but also work for any size canvas I may want to work on ... so that one is also on the list and I know eventually we will find the perfect plan. ;) 

Love having a handy man and also one that loves me so does not get frustrated when I ask him for endless wood projects to start ha ha. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Painting Rocks ... for the garden

I find it has been an interesting year this year in my creative going-ons - I seem to not be as settled as last year and jumping from project to project - starting new ones before others are finished, and doing a project that maybe caught my eye a while ago but all of a sudden I decide to jump in and do it - painted rocks were just like that.

The painted rock idea I have always loved - looked at dozens of pictures on Pinterest - I love love love Pinterest - I am a visual learner and motivation comes to me through my eyes ... versus some who may be motivated by words, or sounds - I pull from all I see.  Anyway a lot of what I start painting comes from similar projects that I find out on the internet a lot on Pinterest.  I would never claim that these are completely my own design ... you learn by imitating others until you start putting things together on your own.  Some say that there is no real completely "original" art and I find that to be a very interesting thought - yet I think by learning and then forming our own style as we bring in what we have learned from others we form our own "piece" of art.  I can say though my teachers I am sure learned different processes from others - they have a distinct style that a lot of them I can pick out something either inspired by them or something made by them. :) It is very cool and all very lovely.

Back to my painted rocks:  these are just a few I have done - totally inspired by pictures on Pinterest and look so darling in my home and garden - and fun and easy to do also! 

Just using a reg smooth garden rock - well washed and dried.

Inexpensive outdoor acrylic paint used and then spray coat of finisher when done - holding up well.

Love the look of these inside and out of the house, so far they are wearing well (those outside) and we shall see once we pull them in this fall how well the inexpensive outdoor paint held up.  Fun easy project.

More painting nites ... Edmonton Paint Nite

Attended a couple more Paint Nites
with my sister Belinda - the second event we took our guys along with us - had a little lunch first at the venue Fionn MacCool's - and then did a bit of painting - both events were awesome.  The only thing I found going with our guys is that though it was fun painting the same picture with them - then we both had double the same picture!  LMAO - I think the next one I will try with my guy Kevin if he is up for it is the partner painting - where you both paint a half of a whole so you have two frames you can hang together and it is one picture - that is so cool.  :)

Just a few pictures of our fun Paint Nite events out! :)

I think we both did pretty well with this one - I did not even want to go home and fix it like last time ha ha.

All set up in our cozy corner ready to get down to business!

My painter man :)

Working hard

We did AWESOME! :)

Fun nights and an inexpensive date with using the coupon codes to sign up - or could use a group on too.  We enjoy doing something a little different when going out and it was fun to share the creative side with our guys and learn new skills in the process.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life Book 2016 - ALREADY AMAZING ...

Thought this year I would start with a 2016 Life Book post instead of waiting till almost the end of the year ha ha ... I am still working on some of my 2015 sessions as well (which is one of the main reasons that I love this course because all the sessions are downloadable during the year so you have them FOREVER!!  ha ha love that!
This last weekend I finally took some time to dive in and do some of the first courses offered .. oh my what a smorgasboard of GOODNESS already!!!  Seriously so in love with this whole course and how much JOY it brings into my creative life - you have no idea ... it is worth every penny and anyone who is the slightest bit creative should check it out!  LIFEBOOK 2016
 Already the sessions I have finished have been amazing - not only are they creative and full of life and colour, they have also been reflecting, soul searching and discovering in nature - Again you get so much more than just an artsy, painterly, creative time - So so much more.  Looking forward to finding some more time to do some more soon, love that you really never get behind because the courses are yours to have so you choose YOUR OWN CREATIVE PATH.

I was thankful for that in 2015 - for we had a few dear family members pass away and I felt knocked off course creatively, but yet never felt that my year of LIFE BOOK was a waste of money as I am still going back and doing lessons from that year now, and still loving all that it is bringing into my life.  Tamara Laporte is one of the most generous, lovely and talented artists and the fact that she has put together such an amazing group of lovely same spirited talented women to share with us all year - IS SIMPLY AWESOME AND AMAZING!!! Seriously I was so glad when I saw a friend's work from the year before and I decided to try Lifebook last year ... I have not regretted one minute of that decision and hope it goes on year after year for a long long time!!!

Here are just a few of the lessons from this year that I have completed:  Looking forward to continuing to fill my life with colour and honest to goodness soul rejuvenating art and lessons.

Teacher - Tamara Laporte

Teacher - Tamara Laporte

Teacher - Ivy Newport

Cheers - Check out Life Book 2016!!!