Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What are you planting?

"Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious." ~ Bill Meyer

I came across this quote this morning and found it struck a cord in my thinking today ~ and I stopped to think "What AM I planting today?" I find our lives are ever changing ~ we have daily challenges, successes, goals, disappointments, frustrations and dreams. The reality of life today is that in our societies we are set up for the fast paced ever changing day ~ and sometimes it simply can be exhausting to look to far into the future.

I enjoyed this quote because it simplified the process a bit, it cut it down to simple thoughts ~ a thought at a time. I have more control over my day and my thoughts if I take them a thought at time. We are all going to have the odd "crab apple" thoughts - as that is what part of being "near-perfect" is all about ;) but what if we took the power - the energy - the spirit - then back in our own hands - and changed our "thought" to a "golden delicious" one? We can handle "one" thought can't we? One moment in time? It's a process that takes some effort at starting to establish, I know myself when "negative, depressing, frustrating, disappointing" thoughts enter my head - my first instinct is not to "smile and think "golden delicious" haha - no my first instinct is to let the feeling take over, to find support in my negative - and if I hit a positive wall (a friend who says oh it's not too bad) I cringe ha ha.

So it's a work in process to take a "crab apple" thought and turn it into a "golden delicious" one ~ I am constantly searching and exploring ways in life to do that. Whether it is to say something complimentary to my mate, my son, a friend or family member ~ sincerely and to feel the "positive" off their reaction ~ we just don't compliment those we love as much as we should. Or someone who isn't a loved one - it's intriguing when you sincerely say "you look great in that color you are wearing, I like what you have done with your hair, have a nice day" or "Hello" even to someone around you during the day who may not expect it ~ again the positive flow is a boost to "golden delicious" thinking. Or I go to the ever expanding internet and search up some inspiration - whether it's finding a simple quote like today or finding an amazing gluten free recipe to try, or just looking up some information or advice on an interest ~ take control and take charge of your thought/s. Or take a walk - enjoy something simple - a plant, a ray of sunshine, a child's laughter, anyone's laughter ... just breathe in.

"Easier said than done" - you say - "Yep" I say. :) But possible ~ if we just take it "one thought at a time". And don't put any more pressure on ourselves than that. And one thought at a time - it's possible. :)

I am sincerely wishing you a "golden delicious" thought kind of day ~ hugs. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Near-perfect ME :)

I have fallen into a bit of a funk lately ... I think that the weather outside has alot to do with things ... our endless winter that is dragging me down and alot of my friends that I connect with everyday. Spring needs to come ... Spring is always a time of renew ... of action ... of a promise of longer and warmer days, green grass, more energy and opportunities to get out and enjoy life more. I have also been struggling with my health of late - a little frustrated with my body, have gained weight to the point of my dress clothes being uncomfortable ~ and have more tests scheduled in late spring to see if I can get back on track. So I have been less than thrilled with the woman in the mirror, a touch emotional and very hard on myself because of not feeling like I am "getting it right" - that I am not where I want to be and feel that I am disappointing others.

I love this picture of my dear friend Kelly - it shows her beautiful silly and playful side - and I think sometimes we lose that in our daily "deal" of life. This picture of her inspires me - and it always makes me smile. She wrote a new blog post the other day that really spoke to me - about perfectionism.

She writes:

Perfectionism is impossible, unachievable and highly overrated

That spoke to me - I need to remind myself - I am not perfect, I am not expected to be perfect, I will never be perfect - and I am okay with the woman I am and the woman who is going forward in life. In fact I need to remind myself that I love the woman I am - I am proud of the woman I am ~ and that I have people in my life that feel the same way, and that's what counts!

How about being Near-Perfect?

She writes about how about striving to be near-perfect instead of setting yourself up to fail by expecting the 100% of yourself right off the bat. To instead to strive for "near-perfection" which I have defined for myself as doing and being "the best I can be in that situation, moment or time" - this should be the goal. I can do that! I can be that!

And being that I am not perfect one of the most important ways I need to let up on myself is judging myself when I have an "Off" day. With all the sad tradegies in the world around us we tend to beat ourselves up when we are down about seemingly simple things in life, or even thoughts ~ and really we shouldn't be. Being not perfect also means giving yourself the space to be "sad, upset, worried, concerned" about whatever it is in life you need to do that with ~ I think the ticket is to not let this "moment in time" stop you from growing, reaching, hoping, dreaming, and loving life. There is so much in my life that I am deeply happy and feel sincerely blessed and humbled by, doesn't mean I can't have my "down" days ~ just means that I bounce back and keep on bouncing!!!

Thank you Kelly for reminding me that I am not perfect - and to remind me that I am okay with this and I am even better I am a perfect example of being the best "NEAR-PERFECT" that I can be!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gluten Free and loving the options!

As I am a celiac I have really come to have a deep appreciation for good food ~ and since I have become a part of a couple I have found a love of making good food, as now I have someone to share, cook, eat, love and laugh with. We both eat gluten free and both of us have a lactose intolerance so sometimes eating out can be an issue ~ I know I have blogged about my favorite restaurant "The Creperie" but there is another spot that has also earned my commendations because I have never had a bad meal there - and it is honestly the first place I have found that I have had a decent and delicious hamburger at! Yep a gluten dairy free hamburger - really somethings you do crave once you can't have them like you use to ~ anyway I would be talking about the Delux Burger Bar on 142st (Crestwood) ~ I recently wrote a comment on the blog "Gluten Free Edmonton" - which on a side note has been a valuable and informative resource I have come to enjoy reading - new and old posts have so much information about products and restaurants and just living gluten free it's been awesome!!

Back to my post:
"WE have been to both West End locations ~ and I have to say I have never been disappointed with the burger (the guilt free gf free burger and bun) at the 142nd ave location. The burgers have always been juicy and cooked perfectly and on a soft and delicious bun, we have it with the side salad with a little of the vinegarette and it is awesome! Our West Edm. Mall experience was not even close to as good, maybe they are too busy in that location to show the same care in preparation?? We did comment on it while there, and the waiter and host were very good in saying they would research why the other burger was surperb and that our next dining experience there would be fabulous ... haven't tried it yet. The chef at the 142 ave location knows how to make a yummy satisfying gluten free burger! :) "

I have to say there is a real sincere effort in customer satisfaction at the 142nd street location ~ my guy and I were there a couple weeks ago (we had gone to a movie in the mall and decided we wanted a burger and so traveled to the Crestwood location - it's just never disappointed us) and when I was up paying our bill the gentleman at the till asked how our meal was. We had a nice little conversation - we talked about our experience at the WEM location and he was very interested in our observations and thanked me for my honest opinion - I did not complain just simply stated the fact that their burger at this location far surpassed the one in the mall. He then handed me his card, I found out he was one of the managing partners - Jim Skagos - said if I ever have any more issues or comments please to make sure to pass them along. It is that kind of attention to care and detail that I find refreshing in todays service market and one that keeps me as a loyal patron to a business. I sincerely believe that they would look into both locations and see how the can better service, and I just may head over to the WEM location one of these days soon and give them another try ... cuz every so often just gotta have that burger! :)