Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is busy ...

I can not believe that the time has flown so quickly since the last time I have updated my blog ~ I sometimes think I should just discontinue it, I don't think many check it and there is always other forms of communication if your friends want to keep in touch. :) That being said - I am in the mood to update things today so I will do that ha ha ~ life has been busy. Full of new experiences ~ going to the varied groups and events put on by the bunch has been in the most part a great experience, I have met tonnes of new people ~ found a few good new friends, and have enjoyed getting out and seeing the city more also. I have in the last many many months lost my mojo for scrapbooking ~ but have of late been working on getting it back ~ I found scrapbooking always to be a very important part of my creative side, and though socially I have been busy and life has been fuller, I have missed the quiet times at home where having that outlet of art is so vital to keep life on a smooth level, it helps me think, it provides an outlet for creativity and working with pictures of people I care about, or things I love is always good for uplifting the soul. So recently a friend asked me to be a part of her circle journal - the group is small, and she is very strict on guidelines for getting things done and sent off ~ I had two failed attempts at being part of a circle journal group ~ so I took the leap and felt this may be a good way to jump start my mojo :) So far so good.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow the summer has flown .....

I can't believe how the last few weeks have flown by - sadly summer is coming to an end, and it is a bittersweet one. Full of some great new experiences and memories, and yet with school coming - for "my" kids off to college ~ it means some big changes. My "other" son, for this is a young man that has grown with my son ~ and is a dear member of our family ~ is off to Nova Scotia tomorrow on a Football scholarship - and though I am happy that he has this amazing opportunity, he is already deeply missed and it's going to be a somber reality when he is gone. I call my "kids" - one mine - two honorary :) the three musketeers because they are constantly together, and have formed such a strong bond - I like that my son has found some really good people in his life, and share his sadness at his best bud flying away. Life does change ~ and I am gearing up to embrace it more and more. Bring it on! I am ready for the challenges.

Cleaning today - and I found some bubbles - yep left over from a wedding or something ~ so I proceded to go out on my deck and spent about 15-20 mins blowing bubbles, just watching the amazing colors, interested in how far some of them went - loving the way they took off on the wind. I love bubbles - such a simple thing but more than therapeutic in a way. I am learning to bounce back quicker and quicker from disappointments or false starts, shifting my direction towards more solid ground and better building blocks. :) Listening to fate a bit more ~ and trying to learn the lessons as they are delivered the first time. Last night was a good example - I was suppose to go and enjoy an event out of the city - with people I have not touched base with for a good long while - some school graduates - wasn't sure if I was even wanting to go. I got all dressed and ready to go, but my vehicle had other plans - and home I came. I was feeling quite put out and upset - but I just simply went to bed because today is a new day - and obviously wasn't meant to go out that evening. Today is a new day - today is a bubble day haha.

Going to be a busy week - I have recently joined some groups to spend a little more time getting to know more people in the city I love, as well as maybe seeing a bit more of the city. So among coffee nights, and movie nights, and walking nights - this week is going to be a busy one in the evenings ~ which is good as at work right now I am under some pressure and stress - big project coming up that relies on my know how and clear head (ha ha who knew?) so the days will be long and full, and really glad that I have enjoyable things to look forward to in the evenings to decompress.

Balance - that is what I am striving to find in life a bit more, the dips and hard times - the sad moments, need a balance of joy ~ and this I am well on my way to finding a path.

Deep breathe - back to cleaning haha - bubble play time over, and I wish you all a very good week!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Okay breathe in .... and exhale

I put my blog to rest for awhile ~ life has been a jumble of whirl wind events some amazingly joyful to others heart wrenchingly filled with sorrow ~ so I have been knocked of balance of any kind in the last hhhhmmmm looks like from my last blog post almost a year. My focus on life has shifted and changed ~ and I definitely in every sense of the words right now am a "Work in Progress" so why am I blogging again? Well I think I am looking for inspiration in life and drawing it where I can ~ I have just started reading the book "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell and already by reading a few chapters I have been moved to get back to my blogging, if just to be recording my struggle and efforts to find out where I "fit" in the world. Life can be made "simple" but simple does not mean easy ~ and I know I have a long way to go before I feel settled and really can say I am content with where I am in the world. I am not afraid of some hard work though, and lordy knows I know alot about false starts, wrong paths, and getting up and regrouping in life ~ and this is just another phase where I need to do just that. I think though because I am not a young woman anymore I do have an added sense of "getting it" right this time, or actually feeling like I will come to a place where my soul will be at peace. I have a saying that I use often ~ when I feel a bit beaten down by life and circumstances that it is time to BOUNCE ~ meaning that when you feel like you have hit a rock bottom there is only one way to go ~ Bounce back up again. So I am on the bounce side, and I am searching ~ and I have a great need to find more energy, motivation, inspiration and good soul moments in my life. I know I have many changes that need to be undertaken, and there are many new experiences out there for me to live, and at the same time needing to keep the balance of things in life that need to be dealt with and just the work of living day to day life.

So for today I say "it's bounce time" and I think I shall go and read a couple more chapters of this book and then do some dishes ~ balance.


"The only way of finding limits of the possible
is by going beyond them into the impossible."
~ Arthur C. Clarke