Thursday, May 22, 2014

A bit about my recent CreativeGirl Journey with Danielle Donaldson

I have to write about one of my fun creative inspiring journey's that I embarked upon in the last bit ... that would be taking Danielle Donaldson's AWESOME online course entitled:
CreativeGirl - The Land of the Light and Shadows - hosted on the lovely Jeanne Oliver's site (which you need to sign up to first - so worth it!  Beautiful Talented lady)

I loved loved this online course for a number of reasons - but I will mention just a few here.  One: the course was short enough that I could go through the course material and watch all the videos without a huge time committment - which for me right now is so important as I never seem to have enough time to sit and watch the videos with all my online classes I have signed up for ha ha - and yet even though it was short enough it was also PACKED with information.  Two:  Danielle is a delight to learn from - she makes me chuckle as she is real and down to earth and you feel like you could spend time just sitting beside her, having a tea or coffee and creating art together.  Three: she has opened up my mind and creative thinking adding to my enjoyment of a medium I love to dabble with ... and that would be watercolours. 

I am not going to go into any description or depth about all that she taught us, the new ways to think of using watercolours ... I think if you have any interest you should go and sign up for this amazing very affordable course.  SO much fun ... I know that the community on Jeanne's site is active and there are a lot of ladies still working and connecting on the various aspects of the process - and that I have made myself some new instagram friends along the way - Bonus :).  I, myself know I have more work to do ... and looking forward to some time soon when I can make some more projects using the techniques learned.  I love her style! 

Here are a few of my finished projects:  Finished projects from the course as well as inspired by the techniques learned - SERIOUSLY so much fun!  Awesome course!  Thank you Danielle!  :)