Friday, June 25, 2010

I had my first ever motorcyle ride a while ago - haven't been able to go out again yet but what a rush that was. Thanks to my friend Randall - for getting me the helmut and jacket and letting me sit on the back of his bike haha ~ I sure enjoyed being able to see the city from a bit of a different perspective, and look forward to getting back out there and riding again in the future.

My love and man Kevin ~ love this picture taken of us. :) Actually my mom took the picture which shows you with time and patience one can be taught how to take a proper picture, way to go mom!! I have to say I am one pretty happy woman of late, very much in love and looking forward to all the adventures in the future that being in a good relationship will bring.

I can't believe my young man is going to be 20 this summer - time has seemed to just fly by ~ and in honesty I really miss my little boy at times, but I am oh so proud of the man he is and what he is accomplishing in life. He finished his first year of University this year, wow that took me for a loop and made me feel a touch old, and we are standing in front of his new 1996 GMC Sonoma truck - which he is so proud owning and I am so happy for him that he is really enjoying this time in life and that we are a close knit family ~ he means the world to me.