Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My sweet Baba ...

My sweet Baba passed away yesterday evening ~ and I so hope that she finds the peace she has been deserving ~ She had such a rough go of it the last few years, this was a picture taken of us during a good time of this period ~ when she still could remember who I was with some prodding. I am so full of so many feelings today ~ I am so very thankful she is finally at rest and away from the pain and suffering, yet so very sad that growing up does mean that those who we love are getting older and that this is the way it is. I am fighting with myself today, but I know that deep inside all will be okay ~ Love you Baba so much ~ and rest now.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing you all .....

A Very Merry Christmas full of friends and family, and all the good things you wish for it ..............

And a Very Happy New Years ~ safe and fun ~

Here we come 2008 - May it be the best year yet!

hugs to all

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Surprises keep coming haha ....

This last weekend (yes I know it is already Thursday haha) went down to Calgary for a brief time, the trip was way too short ~ a friend of mine had me and another friend down for Christmas supper. That was lovely ~ and though it would have been nice to lengthen our visit, there was a certain Christmas sparkle in the air, I can't wait to go down again sometime.

To make what could be a long story short, when I got home ~ my mom and her man Ron came over, and proceeded to tell us that we are invited to a wedding this coming up weekend, on the 16th and that would be theirs!!! Quite the surprise, totally unexpected ~ my one sister who was also on the phone at the time said she knew something was up haha, whatever ~ not this chickie I was totally surprised. So we here have a wedding to attend and also help put together this weekend, and they (my mom and Ron) are very happy and excited ~ so it will be a good weekend. I will be doing up all the flowers for the ceremony, and the bridal party ~ so looking forward to doing this for them.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wow Merry Ho Ho ......

It certainly looks like Christmas out there ~ does it not?! Actually if it is not too cold ~ I don't mind it at all, winter I mean ~ a brown Christmas always seems a bit out of place.

My sister's significant other has gone through his surgery, and though they had to go through with the more complicated and serious route with his surgery ~ it is done, and I am hoping for some peace for them both from this very difficult ordeal, once he has recovered from this last surgery. He has a bit of a healing road ahead of him, but he is young and strong, and has a woman by his side that is adamant that he take the time to heal ~ so he is in good hands haha.

There have been some stress and sad stuff in the last while, but surprisingly I think it has strengthened my resolve to have a wonderful Christmas full of love, friends and family. I am so thankful for all the people in my life, for the ones that I spend my time with are good solid peoples ~ and I find it very easy to only have good strong supportive thoughts of them. I have opened myself up to more relationships this year than I have in the past, and though on one hand that means I am open to maybe more sadness and rollercoaster times with others lives being inter twinned with mine, I have found I have also opened up a fountain of good feelings, love, support, and some really awesome personalities in my life ~ that have become important to my daily life in so many touching ways.

And next year looks to be shaping up for more of the same, some very up and some downs coming this way ~ but really that is life, and as long as we stand strong in the faith this is the way it will be, we can still find some happiness in our days even at the most sad moments.

This kinda sounds like an end of the year post haha, but my friends and family that are going through different trials at the moment have been so on my mind, and that is mixed in with the new found wonder I am pulling in for the season, so makes a gal thoughtful.

Take care all, and cyber hugs sent your way.