Monday, August 13, 2012

Tiny Buddha article

A Tiny Buddha article caught my eye today ... titled "40 Ways to Feel More Alive" written by Lori Deschene

She starts off her article with a quote from Joseph Campbell:
 “I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” 

The experience of being alive ~ so true ... this is what I have been missing of late ... Both my blogs have in their title "High on Life" ... which to me means the essence of "being elevated in the experience of being alive" ... so I have to live up to my "motto".  Over the years it has become a struggle at points ~ from losing people - family and friends, both physically and emotionally ~ to feeling lost in that search of "joy - being alive - simply being happy".  

I loved this simple article because of that - it gave 40 simple ways to increase the feeling of being alive ... the author stresses that yes this is quite the list but not one to make us feel daunted but merely a good list ... the point is to "do something".

I like that ... I can pick one of these points ... and do ... be proactive ... and who knows maybe it will start a trend.  A positive trend in "doing" things to feel more alive ... sounds like an upbeat idea to me.   

What would be one point you would add to your list?  What is something you could do ... something simple ... to start or add to your foundation of feeling ALIVE?!  I would love to read what others may add to their lists. :)   

Being alive ... breathe deep ... feels good.  :) 

20. Make a list of things you think you’d enjoy, and then pick one you’ve never done to try this weekend.

Kind of along the line of this number #20 on the list in the article I know one thing I could add to the list:  

1. Find an activity you have always wanted to do more or do more of and search out how to get involved.

I am part of our city's meetup groups and I recently joined the "TheatreGoers Club" ~ Kevin and I do enjoy live theatre in many forms and thought this would be a good fit.  So far we have gone to a comedy Improv show at Varscona Theatre, and attended the "Cirque du Soleil - Quidam" show this last weekend - made some new friends and are planning to go to a few upcoming "Fringe Shows" with the same group.   This has been one good step in feeling ALIVE.  

We also attend a coffee group night with a meetup group ~ again the simple act of sitting and chatting with different people and sharing experiences ... ALIVE.

What could you add on your list? 
 Cheers :)   


Friday, August 10, 2012

Organizing ...

My word of the times lately ... I am busy trying to organize life ~ somedays it is not so much fun but I figure as long as we move forward ... even if just a step at a time that is progress.

I can't believe it has been a year since I have written on my blog ... it has been a long year ... so way too much to catch up on so we start where we are right?!  Here and now ... I have a feeling that I need to use both my blogs (my living gluten free and this one) to kick start my motivation in life.  I have found that I have stopped writing, creating, feeling that drive to "do" ... so that needs to change.  I am frustrated by my older blog ... this one ... because it does not seem to have all the enhancements of my new one and yet I don't want to lose the content.  I still feel very much like a newbie when it comes to designing a blog ... it's time I start learning once again.

Life is too busy ... and not busy enough with things I want to do ... things I need to do to keep me feeling alive and joyous ... this will have to change.  One step at a time ...

I am excited for tomorrow ... it is going to be a day of wonder and excitement ... so much going on in my home city this weekend ~ so going to capture a bit of it :)  Cariwest, the Art Gallery, Supper at one of our awesome restaurants, and then ... AND THEN ... we have tickets to go and see the SHOW!

Cirque du Soleil - Quiddam

SO excited!!! 

And tonight I start out my weekend by going out for coffee and a long overdue chat with one of my closest friends Dawn ... Nice ...

Yes it's a start ... on we go!

Cheers - Sherri :)