Friday, August 10, 2012

Organizing ...

My word of the times lately ... I am busy trying to organize life ~ somedays it is not so much fun but I figure as long as we move forward ... even if just a step at a time that is progress.

I can't believe it has been a year since I have written on my blog ... it has been a long year ... so way too much to catch up on so we start where we are right?!  Here and now ... I have a feeling that I need to use both my blogs (my living gluten free and this one) to kick start my motivation in life.  I have found that I have stopped writing, creating, feeling that drive to "do" ... so that needs to change.  I am frustrated by my older blog ... this one ... because it does not seem to have all the enhancements of my new one and yet I don't want to lose the content.  I still feel very much like a newbie when it comes to designing a blog ... it's time I start learning once again.

Life is too busy ... and not busy enough with things I want to do ... things I need to do to keep me feeling alive and joyous ... this will have to change.  One step at a time ...

I am excited for tomorrow ... it is going to be a day of wonder and excitement ... so much going on in my home city this weekend ~ so going to capture a bit of it :)  Cariwest, the Art Gallery, Supper at one of our awesome restaurants, and then ... AND THEN ... we have tickets to go and see the SHOW!

Cirque du Soleil - Quiddam

SO excited!!! 

And tonight I start out my weekend by going out for coffee and a long overdue chat with one of my closest friends Dawn ... Nice ...

Yes it's a start ... on we go!

Cheers - Sherri :)

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