Monday, February 10, 2014

Sparking it up with Margie Romney-Aslett

Do you like to decorate for different holidays?  Do you like fun crafty and simple to do projects that you can whip up in an afternoon?  Do you love to use up pieces you may have from other crafting projects, simple supplies you normally carry in your house, dollar store and chain store supplies and create something totally new?

Well then Margie Romney-Aslett has a very cool quick workshop on line right now.  It is called the "Spark your Love and Home"  - consists of three awesome videos packed with all sorts of lovely projects - to decorate your home for the Valentine season and to add some creative decor to your home.  I know I will be hanging some of the banners I am making in our bedroom afterwards as well as a couple in my creative space.  And the best is she makes lovely decor out of very affordable and inexpensive supplies ... shows you how to re-think items you may not have considered before and give them that special Margie "Spark".

So I went and did a little shopping:
And then I watched the videos and took her awesome ideas, tips and know how ... and put my own touch on it, still working on some of my ideas - I have more than a few projects on the go right now so I work on this and then work on that - but I am so pleased with how my "Spark" projects are going!

I will have to post what my final mantle looks like once I finish up the last few banners - so far I am so happy with the little extra touch the "Spark" course has added.  Thanks Margie!  
A little creative chaos happening!

So seriously ... Go and Spark it up!