Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow time is just flying ....

have to say not sure how to slow things down at the moment, but I am looking forward to at the end of this week once again getting together with the gals and scrapbooking and laughing the night away at the Urban. We have a few things to celebrate too, so we should all be a bit giddy ~ our miss Dawn will be celebrating her bday, and our lovely Tammy we can celebrate her upcoming ~ Birth day ~ her precious number 5 on the way. Very exciting, I think this especially because it's not me, hee hee sorry Tammy ~ honestly now that you have the "goof" troop more in your life, you need us ~ well just call ~ hugs to you.

Life for me has been a bit hectic, unfortunately I have a silly sinus head cold that I can't seem to get rid of, but not that it is slowing me down much ~ when you need to do well you just do hahahhaha, maybe this sinus thing is making me a bit addled haha. Well I was very busy being one of the organizers for my Community picnic last Sunday, that was a bit of a trial at times but in the end I think it went off rather well, we had a lovely day and those in attendance had a great time. We had our AGM that following Wednesday, and well a couple of you know the issues I have been going back and forth with being a part of the League haha well on Wednesday I stepped up as President. Lmao if I wasn't busy before, I will be now ~ but it is a good busy, because I trully have a strong will to make my community a safer and better place to live ~ I may not have small children anymore but I believe healthy and happy children are a base for a safe and fun community, so willing to work towards that.

Again so looking foward to Friday night and scrapbooking with the gals, who I happily call my friends as well, they now more than ever provide that safe and fun haven I need in my life to regroup and come out stronger and ready to deal with the rest of it.

Life is so full of ups and downs ~ but it is so much better when you have good people in your life to share the ride!

Cyber Hugs to all my friends today!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Urban Gals

Okay this is frustrating haha, can't add anymore of my summer pictures yet haha ~ so for now will just add some of a write up to this one ~ this is a group picture of the gals that were scrapbooking and visiting at the Urban on the 24th of August. Most of the group is our new Circle Journal group and a couple friends added in for spice! Another evening full of lots of laughter and ......... well laughter haha. We hope to get together again on the 21st and I can't wait !!!
The group ~ bottom row from left to right:
Me, Tammy, Kelsey and Dawn
Top row from left to right:
Trisha, Anam, Lea, Marguerite, Janine, and Ki
Missing in action: Sweet Andrea and Cori