Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow time is just flying ....

have to say not sure how to slow things down at the moment, but I am looking forward to at the end of this week once again getting together with the gals and scrapbooking and laughing the night away at the Urban. We have a few things to celebrate too, so we should all be a bit giddy ~ our miss Dawn will be celebrating her bday, and our lovely Tammy we can celebrate her upcoming ~ Birth day ~ her precious number 5 on the way. Very exciting, I think this especially because it's not me, hee hee sorry Tammy ~ honestly now that you have the "goof" troop more in your life, you need us ~ well just call ~ hugs to you.

Life for me has been a bit hectic, unfortunately I have a silly sinus head cold that I can't seem to get rid of, but not that it is slowing me down much ~ when you need to do well you just do hahahhaha, maybe this sinus thing is making me a bit addled haha. Well I was very busy being one of the organizers for my Community picnic last Sunday, that was a bit of a trial at times but in the end I think it went off rather well, we had a lovely day and those in attendance had a great time. We had our AGM that following Wednesday, and well a couple of you know the issues I have been going back and forth with being a part of the League haha well on Wednesday I stepped up as President. Lmao if I wasn't busy before, I will be now ~ but it is a good busy, because I trully have a strong will to make my community a safer and better place to live ~ I may not have small children anymore but I believe healthy and happy children are a base for a safe and fun community, so willing to work towards that.

Again so looking foward to Friday night and scrapbooking with the gals, who I happily call my friends as well, they now more than ever provide that safe and fun haven I need in my life to regroup and come out stronger and ready to deal with the rest of it.

Life is so full of ups and downs ~ but it is so much better when you have good people in your life to share the ride!

Cyber Hugs to all my friends today!

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Andi said...

I hear is so nice to have good friends! I can't wit to see what kind of trouble we'll get into on friday!! LOL!