Saturday, September 8, 2007

Urban Gals

Okay this is frustrating haha, can't add anymore of my summer pictures yet haha ~ so for now will just add some of a write up to this one ~ this is a group picture of the gals that were scrapbooking and visiting at the Urban on the 24th of August. Most of the group is our new Circle Journal group and a couple friends added in for spice! Another evening full of lots of laughter and ......... well laughter haha. We hope to get together again on the 21st and I can't wait !!!
The group ~ bottom row from left to right:
Me, Tammy, Kelsey and Dawn
Top row from left to right:
Trisha, Anam, Lea, Marguerite, Janine, and Ki
Missing in action: Sweet Andrea and Cori

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Andi said...

oh! what a fun picture!! I missed out...AGAIN!!