Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What are you planting?

"Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious." ~ Bill Meyer

I came across this quote this morning and found it struck a cord in my thinking today ~ and I stopped to think "What AM I planting today?" I find our lives are ever changing ~ we have daily challenges, successes, goals, disappointments, frustrations and dreams. The reality of life today is that in our societies we are set up for the fast paced ever changing day ~ and sometimes it simply can be exhausting to look to far into the future.

I enjoyed this quote because it simplified the process a bit, it cut it down to simple thoughts ~ a thought at a time. I have more control over my day and my thoughts if I take them a thought at time. We are all going to have the odd "crab apple" thoughts - as that is what part of being "near-perfect" is all about ;) but what if we took the power - the energy - the spirit - then back in our own hands - and changed our "thought" to a "golden delicious" one? We can handle "one" thought can't we? One moment in time? It's a process that takes some effort at starting to establish, I know myself when "negative, depressing, frustrating, disappointing" thoughts enter my head - my first instinct is not to "smile and think "golden delicious" haha - no my first instinct is to let the feeling take over, to find support in my negative - and if I hit a positive wall (a friend who says oh it's not too bad) I cringe ha ha.

So it's a work in process to take a "crab apple" thought and turn it into a "golden delicious" one ~ I am constantly searching and exploring ways in life to do that. Whether it is to say something complimentary to my mate, my son, a friend or family member ~ sincerely and to feel the "positive" off their reaction ~ we just don't compliment those we love as much as we should. Or someone who isn't a loved one - it's intriguing when you sincerely say "you look great in that color you are wearing, I like what you have done with your hair, have a nice day" or "Hello" even to someone around you during the day who may not expect it ~ again the positive flow is a boost to "golden delicious" thinking. Or I go to the ever expanding internet and search up some inspiration - whether it's finding a simple quote like today or finding an amazing gluten free recipe to try, or just looking up some information or advice on an interest ~ take control and take charge of your thought/s. Or take a walk - enjoy something simple - a plant, a ray of sunshine, a child's laughter, anyone's laughter ... just breathe in.

"Easier said than done" - you say - "Yep" I say. :) But possible ~ if we just take it "one thought at a time". And don't put any more pressure on ourselves than that. And one thought at a time - it's possible. :)

I am sincerely wishing you a "golden delicious" thought kind of day ~ hugs. :)

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Kelly said...

You are such a great writer! I love it!