Thursday, September 8, 2016

Painting Rocks ... for the garden

I find it has been an interesting year this year in my creative going-ons - I seem to not be as settled as last year and jumping from project to project - starting new ones before others are finished, and doing a project that maybe caught my eye a while ago but all of a sudden I decide to jump in and do it - painted rocks were just like that.

The painted rock idea I have always loved - looked at dozens of pictures on Pinterest - I love love love Pinterest - I am a visual learner and motivation comes to me through my eyes ... versus some who may be motivated by words, or sounds - I pull from all I see.  Anyway a lot of what I start painting comes from similar projects that I find out on the internet a lot on Pinterest.  I would never claim that these are completely my own design ... you learn by imitating others until you start putting things together on your own.  Some say that there is no real completely "original" art and I find that to be a very interesting thought - yet I think by learning and then forming our own style as we bring in what we have learned from others we form our own "piece" of art.  I can say though my teachers I am sure learned different processes from others - they have a distinct style that a lot of them I can pick out something either inspired by them or something made by them. :) It is very cool and all very lovely.

Back to my painted rocks:  these are just a few I have done - totally inspired by pictures on Pinterest and look so darling in my home and garden - and fun and easy to do also! 

Just using a reg smooth garden rock - well washed and dried.

Inexpensive outdoor acrylic paint used and then spray coat of finisher when done - holding up well.

Love the look of these inside and out of the house, so far they are wearing well (those outside) and we shall see once we pull them in this fall how well the inexpensive outdoor paint held up.  Fun easy project.

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