Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Christmas Wood Pieces ...

Every year I found we were always searching for ways to display the Christmas cards and Christmas pictures received by friends and family - we would use ribbon and hang them in front hallway or ribbon across the mantle place or bookshelves would hold some, at times we had so many cards that our front door way was lined with them and of course being that you are always bundled up that time of year - eventually some would find their way to the floor being knocked off as you would take off your coat - ha ha frustrating.

Looking on "Pinterest" one day I was searching up different ways to display Christmas cards and came across a beautiful wood project that looked like something we could easily build - well in honesty that Kevin could build and I could finish ha ha. Along with that I found an idea for a beautiful Christmas wood sign for the mantle and asked him to make me the base of this as well.  

The base of the card holder - hangers on back and stained
 First a simple 10 x 1" board - stained with a walnut ink - and he put heavy duty picture hangers on the back to hang on the existing nails in the wall (other projects there the rest of the year).
 The base of the Wood sign was also stained in a walnut ink - 10 X 1" boards used with a 1 x2" cross brace twice on the back side. 

Painted up some simple wood cloths pins and got my glue gun ready.  For the wording on the Christmas card holder I had some stick and peel vinyl that I ran through my cricut machine to cut out the letters. It was a bit finicky to pull the vinyl and place the letters smoothly but with a little swearing (have to be honest) and a whole lot of patience letter by letter all down, love the look.  Could have also painted letters on - would have worked well also.
Finished piece - Christmas Card Holder

The finished piece looks awesome and love having the cards all in one place and organized - last Christmas we did not get many cards (as I was neglectful in sending any) so I fill the blanks with pictures of family and friends and loved the warm look in the front hallway.

The Christmas wood sign - I just used a white china pencil to write the words on the piece.  I was not sure if I was going to keep the sign with those words on it so I wanted to be able to erase them if I want to change my mind.  Paint would definitely make the words pop - but the pictures do not do justice to how lovely this piece is on my mantle. Kevin also made a little wedge piece that the piece sits on so I did not have to think about how to hang it.  

Love the look - I am a woodsy sort of gal so I love the look of wood in my home, and love that warm walnut stain.  

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