Thursday, September 8, 2016

More painting nites ... Edmonton Paint Nite

Attended a couple more Paint Nites
with my sister Belinda - the second event we took our guys along with us - had a little lunch first at the venue Fionn MacCool's - and then did a bit of painting - both events were awesome.  The only thing I found going with our guys is that though it was fun painting the same picture with them - then we both had double the same picture!  LMAO - I think the next one I will try with my guy Kevin if he is up for it is the partner painting - where you both paint a half of a whole so you have two frames you can hang together and it is one picture - that is so cool.  :)

Just a few pictures of our fun Paint Nite events out! :)

I think we both did pretty well with this one - I did not even want to go home and fix it like last time ha ha.

All set up in our cozy corner ready to get down to business!

My painter man :)

Working hard

We did AWESOME! :)

Fun nights and an inexpensive date with using the coupon codes to sign up - or could use a group on too.  We enjoy doing something a little different when going out and it was fun to share the creative side with our guys and learn new skills in the process.

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