Friday, September 9, 2016

Decorative Painted Fence Pieces - Pinterest Inspired

I wanted to add a little pizzaz to the back of my gardens - something that was more stable and I did not have to wait to grow in height, a decorative piece versus a plant or flower.  I had seen some cute styles of decorative fence pieces on Pinterest and asked my guy if he could build me a couple styles - with the option of sturdy stakes so I could firmly put them in the back of my garden.  

My guy Kevin is a wonder - he is the "if I can show him he can built it" wood guy - I love when I see something (on Pinterest usually or even at one of the greenhouses) and say "oh I love that - do you think we could do something like that" that he figures it out. 
My awesome wishing well (needs to be stained) that we saw something similar at the greenhouse and he built me this! 

I do however have more than one wood project that Kevin has done his part but I have yet to finish mine - but I don't mind as then when it strikes me to get it out and finish I am only waiting on myself ha ha ~ not for him to design and build it.  ;) 

So asked him to build me some sturdy fence pieces - 

 I wanted two different designs to see which one I enjoyed painting up more - I decided to do the more intricate one first and then that also changed my plan for the second one (which I am not done yet - though I could put out as is - I want to add a bit more.)

I found that I loved the first one more with the more intricate birdhouses - and added bee hives on it - took longer to do of course and as the season was late when finished they never got into the gardens this summer ha ha.
Instead they are in my nook where my pantries sit (and wait to be painted as well) and I love them. 

Brings that little bit of garden look I love into my kitchen nook area, and they sit nicely on top of the counters.

This one not finished yet
My painting station in our living room ha ha - a bit awkward - next on the list a big easel ha ha ;)
I found working on my set up in my living room a bit hard on my back at times - as kind of slightly stooped for long periods of time. Already I have my guy thinking of a way to build me a sturdy easel that I could use for the fences but also work for any size canvas I may want to work on ... so that one is also on the list and I know eventually we will find the perfect plan. ;) 

Love having a handy man and also one that loves me so does not get frustrated when I ask him for endless wood projects to start ha ha. 

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