Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life Book 2016 - ALREADY AMAZING ...

Thought this year I would start with a 2016 Life Book post instead of waiting till almost the end of the year ha ha ... I am still working on some of my 2015 sessions as well (which is one of the main reasons that I love this course because all the sessions are downloadable during the year so you have them FOREVER!!  ha ha love that!
This last weekend I finally took some time to dive in and do some of the first courses offered .. oh my what a smorgasboard of GOODNESS already!!!  Seriously so in love with this whole course and how much JOY it brings into my creative life - you have no idea ... it is worth every penny and anyone who is the slightest bit creative should check it out!  LIFEBOOK 2016
 Already the sessions I have finished have been amazing - not only are they creative and full of life and colour, they have also been reflecting, soul searching and discovering in nature - Again you get so much more than just an artsy, painterly, creative time - So so much more.  Looking forward to finding some more time to do some more soon, love that you really never get behind because the courses are yours to have so you choose YOUR OWN CREATIVE PATH.

I was thankful for that in 2015 - for we had a few dear family members pass away and I felt knocked off course creatively, but yet never felt that my year of LIFE BOOK was a waste of money as I am still going back and doing lessons from that year now, and still loving all that it is bringing into my life.  Tamara Laporte is one of the most generous, lovely and talented artists and the fact that she has put together such an amazing group of lovely same spirited talented women to share with us all year - IS SIMPLY AWESOME AND AMAZING!!! Seriously I was so glad when I saw a friend's work from the year before and I decided to try Lifebook last year ... I have not regretted one minute of that decision and hope it goes on year after year for a long long time!!!

Here are just a few of the lessons from this year that I have completed:  Looking forward to continuing to fill my life with colour and honest to goodness soul rejuvenating art and lessons.

Teacher - Tamara Laporte

Teacher - Tamara Laporte

Teacher - Ivy Newport

Cheers - Check out Life Book 2016!!! 

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