Friday, October 2, 2015


So have you ever heard about PAINT NITE ? They are two hour painting events held in local bars and similar establishments - you can go on their site and there are many options in painting choices and levels, and areas in and around the city.  

And they provide everything you need, you only need to bring some money for drinks, food and tips if you want ~ they provide aprons, canvas, paint, water, and brushes - you just bring YOU and your friends and have an awesome time. 
The Establishment that hosted 
I attended my first PAINT NITE with my sister Belinda ... and we had a great time painting with the ARTIST Tegan Little in the Sherlock Holmes Pub for the evening. 
The Artist's (TEGAN) Rendition of what we were painting
It was a fun evening and went by quickly ... it was interesting to see everyone's different takes and styles on the picture we were painting - I honestly have to fix my Eiffel Tower on my painting - ha ha I got a little too thick and ran out of canvas - but I will do that - otherwise I love my finished painting and can't wait to do my little fix and then hang it on the wall!  Where good art belongs ha ha ;) 

Here are a few pictures of our awesome evening! 

Getting ready to Paint!
Quite the group - Tegan said there were 50 of us, it was full for sure!!!

 We had an awesome time - can't wait to schedule another PAINT NITE soon! 

Sherri  :)

Took some time and re-painted my Eiffel Tower on my painting - so at this moment my painting looks like this:
Now I thought I was done ... but as it hasn't left my creative studio yet I am thinking I may not be ha ha - this is what I love love about painting and mixed media art ... you can take a project and continue to work on it until it becomes exactly what you want!  Looking forward to see if there is work yet to be done on this piece. ;-)  

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Belinda said...

It was a very fun night, highly recommend it to others. :)