Thursday, October 1, 2015

LifeBook 2015 ... with Tamara Laporte and so many other amazing artists!

 I can't believe it is October 1st already - and that I have gone through 9 months of this amazing e-course called LIFEBOOK and not a single blog on it, I have been way too busy with life's curve balls - both good and bad - and spending time creating!!!  
Tamara Laporte
I don't even know where to start to talk about what an amazing course this has been - and unique in a way that makes it one of the best online courses I have spent my money on.  Not only is Tamara Laporte - Willowing - one of the most generous teachers with her talent, giving us constant content not only artistically but in her soft life healing real kind of soul way - she also lines up a series of artists with all sorts of unique talents and we get amazing lessons from them.  
Tamara Laporte
AND after ALL THAT she allows us to download all the content so we have it forever!!!  For me, and so like so many others, whose life goes up and down constantly with responsibilities and commitments - we can work on our art when we have the time to work on our ART!  So valuable, so while I am behind in keeping up the lessons every week ... I have no stress - NO STRESS!!!  because I download the content every week and it will be there when I get the time, and I have such an amazing smorgasbord of amazing talent and different content to choose from - from in depth more time and technique sessions to the bonus sessions which are lighter but yet still so creative!  LOVE THIS!  And that is what makes this course different - and one that I have no problem saying I am going to purchase for next year (goes on sale NEXT week!) because the value is amazing. 
Violette Clark
And if you love to create, love colour and happy art you must follow Tamara - Willowing -  for she also posts up some amazing free videos (YouTube) to share her work, it is even better when taking an in depth lesson from her - (WHY you should sign up to LIFEBOOK right away!  
Tamara Laporte
 You can still get the full years downloads and lessons now before the end of the year!) but even watching her do a lesson in fast forward is a learning experience, and inspiring.  

Patti Ballard

Lynne Whipple
Inspired by Tamara Laporte's "Luna in the Sky"

 Seriously if you feel it is too much to jump into this year - check out Tamara's post on LIFEBOOK 2016 - which opens up for registration next week!  Amazing course!

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