Thursday, September 21, 2017

Making Changes ...

Ok I have felt a call to start being a more regular contributor to my writing, it is a part of my creative process, seriously neglected - this would include taking a deeper interest in blogging  - I have two blogs, the Creative life and then the Food life - so I need to make a few decisions. 

Do I change format? Do I change platforms? What is the best way to learn about changing anything? How do I form good habits when it comes to writing content? 

What do I want out of blogging? 

So why do I blog in the first place?
And what is stopping me from not doing this on a regular basis?  

Who am I writing for? Who do I want to reach? Why do I want to reach and connect? 

Am I complicating the process? How do I show more of "me" without feeling exposed?
What do I feel is "being too exposed?"
What can I learn from others?

So for those that may tune into my blog ... patience please - hopefully I can navigate these questions and will start connecting more with all of you that I would love to share this wonderful creative life with! 

Sherri 💓

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