Friday, October 6, 2017

It is coming!!! The BIG 5 0

I am in the last month of my forties I have a lot of mixed emotions about this upcoming number of 50 and what it means to me - that I am only now starting to sift through and take note of. 

I decided for my own self care and growth that instead of sitting down and writing a list of things I never attained or wish I had accomplished before I turn 50 to instead create a more intention setting list.  So it is a two part - first starting on Oct 4 and for the next 30 days I am doing a daily creative activity - a little 3x4 card of a goal, Dream, hope or idea I would like to accomplish IN MY 50th year - so attainable ideas that by listing and a thoughtful putting out into the Universe I will be inspired to push forward and attain - and two to keep a larger list in progress and find a way to creatively explore and keep track of my year as I go along ... a journal maybe?

For as I was sitting and thinking about these little cards and making that list I ended coming up with a much larger list - that may still grow and change, as even now as I read it and reread it is sparking ideas and action - just as I want it to. :)

The 50th Year Intention List:
- Do something special on my 50th bday
- Take a photography / Digital Camera class or workshop
- Host a dinner party at least once every couple months
- reconnect with family
- Go on an all girls weekend getaway or retreat
- Get a new cell phone
- Go canoeing
- Learn to knit / crochet a simple flower piece
- Make a list of Farmers Markets and attend each one at least once
- Eat at new restaurants we have not tried
- Organize, clean, recycle, declutter at least once a month
- Have a garage sale
- Get a tattoo
- Enter a 5km even if I have to walk
- Take a yoga or fitness class
- Take a meditation workshop
- Blog at least once a week
- Take a cooking class
- Read a novel/book at least once a month
- Volunteer
- Develop a daily creative practice
- Go on more city and area tours
- Travel more locally
- Have a meatless supper once a week
- Lose 20 pounds before _________ and then reset goal
- Take a Spanish course
- Start a walking program at least 2-3 times a week
- Take a painting class
- Practice RAK more often
- Reconnect with nieces and nephews 
- Carve out friend date time regularly 
- Plan a sister get away
- Start an Etsy store
- Take some online or classroom training regarding Social Media platforms
- Look into Art Therapy courses
- Learn to Budget
- Attend more live theatre performances
- Lay outside and look at the stars more
- Take more meaningful pictures of my world
- Compliment someone everyday
- Look in a mirror and be happy with what I see
- Sew more
- Visit / Explore new places / experiences
- Go camping
- Learn to create a better blog - more enticing
- Set relationship goals and meet them
- Tell those I love that I do - often
- Find one thing to be grateful about every single day
- Journal on a regular basis
- Smile more often  ...

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