Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only Tuesday ......

and wish it was Sunday haha ~ so I could sleep in a bit and stay in my jammies if I wanted to. Not feeling so hot right at the moment, have this sinus / head thing I can't shake, and so hoping it does not progress any further. Headaches, earaches, neck aches ~ and feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head from the pressure ~ ha lovely picture eh?!

So haven't been doing alot of scrapping ~ I did go out to a crop with my friend Kelly on Friday night - it's so nice to be able to just sit and chat and scrapbook together ~ she usually has her mobile store with her that she needs to watch, but at these crops ~ no truck so she is able to really join in and we get some great catch up time. I did do a layout and will have to get it scanned up ~ one of my sister's kitty ~ Zoe. It was nice to get out to a crop again, it seems like it had been a very long time.

Wish I could join the gals this weekend at the Scrapilicious crop ~ but this Saturday is my last day at my second job ~ so I will be working, I am glad the crops and activites to get together have started up again this fall season, and I will look forward to hopefully joining some of them again for the November one :-). I have joined in a small hostess group for Close to My Heart for the next 6 or so months, with some ladies I have never met ~ just the organizer ~ Micheline, briefly at a crop weekend, so I am looking forward to that starting up as well. Having little intervals of scrappy together time with other talented and fun ladies keeps my motivation and scrap mojo on a roll ~ one of the reasons I so love the site Creative Scrappers ~ Kristine has built a fun and always challenging group ~ lots to do and see, and always something you can comment on or plan to join in on. It's great, especially for those times where you can't get out of the house but would like to connect with the scrappy world and some great people. :-)

Now I just need to get rid of this little set back of me wanting to lop off my head haha, get feeling better ~ and I will be on my way to some good times. I hope this little update reaches you all in good health ~ hugs.


Christine M said...

I hope you feel better soon.

MonaS! said...

Hope you are feeling better soon - have a wonderful rest of the week my friend!

Laura said...

hey Sherri, hope you are feeling better now. Glad you are planning on getting out and that you have been scrapbooking!

Take care of yourself!