Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wow - life is just a flying by .......

I can't believe it is the 24th of July already - vacation come and gone ~ back to the grind at work/s haha. Today is actually my 10 year anniversary at my main employment - wow 10 years, it's amazing to me all that has happened in my life since I came into Edmonton to work, and then also moved here. How my son has grown since starting here, he is now a young man and doing well in life, he does my heart good. Our moves, the changes in me and my life, outlook and friends ~ weddings, funerals, divorces and special births ~ 10 years - a decade of time and experiences.

My vacation was really nice, guess you appreciate things even more when it is 4 years since the last one haha. As I knew I would I loved getting on the road with the kids, Alex and his gf Sarah - and taking our first leg of the trip to Kelowna. My cousin Bonny had supper ready and waiting, just threw the steaks on the barby when we arrived, and we had a lovely evening visiting with her and her family. The next day we went to the Kelowna boardwalk - strolled in the sunshine, chatting, people watching ~ stopped to get a henna tatoo, have some lunch and visit. It was lovely - really had a good time visiting with my cousin Bonny, first time I have ever been out to visit her and already looking forward to the next time we can get out and spend some time there.

I really enjoyed going out and re-visiting BC, seeing my nieces and nephews (they are all growing so fast) and spending time with my sisters. We spent some time at Harrison Beach just out of Chilliwack - with sisters Amanda and Barbra and kids, the afternoon on the beach ~ my family all being beach babies (and me in the shade haha) had a great time building sand castles and playing in the water. My son Alex thinking he was going to start his summer color, did just so, with a fiery red at the end of the day - silly young man, so he was a bit sore for a few days until things stopped cooking, and much more respectful of the sun ha.

Went up to Bridal Falls one morning, a nice little hike and then the beauty of the falls - the kids (niece Hayley and nephew Austin) were so enthralled with the fact that they could drink right from the falls, haha though my little niece promptly told us she spit it out - she is only 4 and though ready to try was not so sure we were telling the truth that the water was fresh ha. So cute. I envy them living so close to all the natural beauty of the area.

Traveled into North Vancouver to spend some time with my sister Belinda and her family - we went to Grandville Island for the day, shopping, eating and walking - love Grandville and all the cute little shops there. Also spent some time shopping for gluten free stores and stuff, that was fun. My sister Belinda is very into understanding celiac disease, and wanted to make my trip as smooth as possible ~ and also get some education herself in case her tests come back positive. Groundwork so to speak haha. We started getting ready for my son's big party on Saturday. Had fun getting the yard decorated, went with a Hawiian theme - Belinda's ideas came to life before our eyes and I was very pleased with the effect. We had a great time, lots of food, family, and visiting.

Back we went to Chilliwack to finish off our trip ~ went on a steep and tiring hike up Tea pot hill - don't let the flowery name fool you, nothing tea pot about it haha - but the amazing view at the top was worth it, could see the valley ~ awesome. Then back down down down the trail, and then to the lake for the rest of the afternoon, my sister Barb and I took Austin and baby Carys and went off to bring Austin to his hockey practice - that was great, he puts on those skates and he gains about 3 years in maturity - how sure of himself and smooth he is on those skates, fun to watch when I wasn't running around after my little niece haha. And then back to the lake for supper and the evening with the rest of the crew.

On our way out on Tuesday morning, my sister Amanda decided she and Barb and the kids should come just out of town with us and we should all go to Othello Tunnels before we left for home. I wanted to get on the road, but I am so glad I let her talk us into the detour, not only did we get to spend a little more time with the kids and my two youngest sisters, but I really enjoyed soaking up more of the beautiful area, the tunnels and the white water running in the valley - just breathtaking. I decided I really need to start getting out more too and enjoying the wonders and sites of my own area - lots of beautiful places and spaces in and around the city too.

It was more than a little emotional to say good-bye, not sure when I will see them all again ~ even my little sister Amanda was a teary eyed as I was, she just moved out there, after living her whole life near me ~ and it was hard to leave my sisters all in BC, not knowing when I will be able to spend time with them again. I know my mom and I are really going to feel Amanda now being gone as well, makes me so sad ~ but I am comforted by the fact that she has a beautiful place in Chilliwack and she is happy to be there and starting a new adventure in life. I wish her and her honey Rob well.

And I am so so so glad to be home myself, nothing like a trip away to make you appreciate your space and routine in life I tell ya! I missed my bed, my couch, and even as weird as it sounds my fridge haha, yep my fridge.

I had some time today to go to my friend Mike's site and read up on how he is doing on his own motorcycling trip down around the states and back, he is stuck in California right now with some bike troubles, I hope he gets on the road again soon. His blog has been like reading a really good novel, he is a great writer, you can almost see things when he describes the sites and sounds ~ the amazing information age eh?! Hard to even think what we would do without the internet ~ okay well I am off to actually do some work today, been an easy day ~ first day back and my employers are off to the Indy today - I hope they have a great weekend end enjoying the races, they not only deserve it - they need it.

And I hope all my friends and family have a great week too!!!!

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