Sunday, August 3, 2008

yippee .....

We have a long weekend here in Alberta ~ and I am so thankful for it!!! Ha ha for me that means two whole days for myself and my home, and to relax or work in my space. Though for the most part I have gotten into a routine of working the six days a week again ~ I sure do enjoy my time off more, and cherish being able to just be at home, or having the energy to go out and do whatever shopping or errands that the full week of work zaps. I do have tonnes to do in my home, but today I think I need a day just for me ~ to catch up on things that I need to keep me even steven so to speak.

Need to catch up on some computer surfing time, get over to my friend Mike's blog and see how his trip is progressing ~ though from the heading showing up on my sideline I think he may have had another set back, that sucks ~ I know he wants to get on the road and continue his ride home. My thoughts and heart go out to him.

I love checking into my friend Sean's facebook site ~ he keeps us all updated on how my dear friend Kelly-Ann and little Devlin are doing, I do believe that precious little one is soon to come home ~ amazing little journey starting out, and soon home with his family. I can't wait to be able to get down to see him, and maybe even give him a bit of a cuddle soon!

Have emails to return, friends and family to keep in contact with ~ and have some "me" time to get to. I haven't scrapbooked in ages, and I can feel the tilt of life being a little off ~ scrapbooking for me is a calming and relaxing therapy to life, and I have been missing it dearly. My friend Kristine had the most awesome Sketchfest this past weekend, and though I missed participating at the actual time, I have so much inspiration to gaze at and get my mojo kick started again.

I think for the most part I have fallen into a bit of a summer funk - but I have every faith in myself that I will blow it away soon ~ life is good and full and as my health gets better and better ~ I can feel the energy and motivation returning, I have a bit of catching up to do all around me, but I have the faith in myself that I will get things done, and that now is really the beginning of the next phase of my life, and I only see bright and beautiful things from here on out!

I do hope that you all have a peaceful and beautiful day, whatever and whomever you spend it with - till next update ~

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MonaS! said...

hello my dear! Just stopping by and checking in. I have missed everyone since beeing on holidays - I look forward to coming home and getting back into the routine of life. Hope you will feel a little better soon.