Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday already ......

I guess I should really blog the bad with the good, if I want to keep an accurate journal for myself ~ then you can always look back and see that there are good and bad times, and life goes on. I have hit a serious low of late ~ and I know I will pull out of it, just a touch of summer blues combined with a few disappointments, a couple worries thrown in there, and a spirit lacking for scrapbooking of late.

I liked this quote I found today:

Milton Berle:
I'd rather be a "could-be', if I cannot be an "are'; because a "could-be" is a "maybe" who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a "has-been" than a "might-have-been', by far; for a "might-have-been" has never "been", but a "has" was once an "are'.

I think I need to look a bit into me more and find out what keeps me ticking and then build on that ~ get things back on track. I think part of the reason I am off is because I screwed up my eating early last week, which put me off for a good part of the week last week, and I just haven't climbed back up. Combined with the heat wave, and some stress ~ I am a bit of a physical mess right now, but I know I can improve that just need to figure out what I am continuing to eat that is hurting me, and try and let some of this stress go.

My dear employer ~ which some of you know has been battling with cancer, and was just shown to be cancer free early this year, like February ~ is once again ill and back on chemo ~ this has made my heart so very heavy. Their family has gone through so much, and it is so hard to watch loved ones go through this ~ as I know many of my friends can attest too ~ which also makes me very sad.

A friend of mine just told me of this quote she heard:
"Don't worry about things that you can't catch your breath, remember the things that take your breath away."

This is what I am striving for, more "take your breath away" moments ~

I am missing my sisters ~ though visiting is always hard when you don't have your own space and stuff around you ~ it really made me realize how very far away they all are, and not knowing when I will see them all again ~ just breaks my heart. I am fortunate to have relationships with all my sisters, I have friends that have none ~ and I have found over the years as we have gotten older, our relationships mature, change, and sometimes for the best sometimes they need a break. But the end line is ~ when we need each other ~ there is a sister there. I have been watching Charmed lately, haha so maybe this is even strengthening the missing the sisters thing ~ I knew having the last sister (my youngest) to move to BC was going to be hard, but I really wasn't as prepared to feel so lonely and so very far away from all of them. Course this was the first trip (my vacation) to see them in 4 years, and the reconnecting time also I am sure is adding to that. I just miss them all dearly.

I am glad today is cooler weather, it actually feels a bit chilly ~ but I would rather this than the horrid heat of last week. I find that the heat, once I walk out of work, just zaps any energy from me ~ I honestly don't get anything done at home or in life. So this week is going to be catch up week, as I see forcasted for the weekend back to the heat and all next week ~ so I am hoping to kick out some of these summer blues with some good ol' roll up your sleeves and get at it work ~ and blow the mood, the bad stomach and the feeling of despair ~ right out of the water haha.

And I wish for all of you ~ a fabulous week!

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Renee said...

I hope you are having a better go of it now Sherri. Call me or email me if you ever need to vent or just chat. That is what I am here for.