Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Monday Monday .....

to all my friends who have "tagged" me on their sites of late, I will get to the tag never fear, though haha I won't have anyone to tag myself as you are the ones I chat with at all through my blog haha.

Well it was a very nice weekend, I went out by myself and joined my mom and her husband Ron out at the lake for a relaxing weekend. It was so nice and very much needed ~ just to be able to kick back and totally relax because well you have no other choice. Seems as if I missed too much of the summer this year, and will strive not to do the same next summer ~ too much work not enough play makes Sherri a very dull girl haha. I need my weekends back I have decided, and while giving up a second job I really enjoy (people, place) and the money that comes in from it ~ will be very much missed, my whole weekend and peace of mind will be a gain.

I keep waffling as to when, always something to save or pay for ya know ~ but I do know before the snow flies. Camping this weekend was so nice, we took a huge walk around the lake and went and viewed a few (from the outside) lake lots that are for sale, most with pre existing houses on them ~ my mom and Ron thinking of investing in a lake lot. I know it maybe a while coming yet for them to make a decision but it would be a definite plus to have a year round get away. When the world gets to be a bit much to be able to head out and not be too far from the city ~ just far enough to regroup and then get back at it.

I have been missing getting out on a regular basis and seeing my cropping friends, but they have all very busy lives right now and doesn't look like a meet up anytime soon. All fine as I have found a comfortable niche at home, and a great site for inspiration (Creative Scrappers) and I always have other lovely friends out there like Mel and Kelly that are a call away if I need some good ol' friend scrapping time. Fall is coming too and soon most will start back into regular routines, school starting, and while this brings it's own busy time ~ seems as if the scrapping world starts to come alive again.

Touched base with my friend Kelly-Ann this morning, it was good to hear from her ~ little Devlin is going through a bit of a rough spot, has a double hernia that he has been booked for surgery for, precious little one ~ and it will be nice when he is over these hurdles and can get to the business of growing strong and healthy. I am hoping to see her soon, she is going to try to come to Edmonton for a weekend and some good friend time, once the little one is finished his surgery and well onto healing. I can't wait to see her ~ and I hope that all goes very well with his surgery and his recovery and he is feeling tonnes better soon.


Laura said...

sometimes we have to make decisions that are for our own best interest...glad you could do that for yourself.
I'm pretty happy with my niche here too...only took 3 years after moving here but it's all good now.

I'll be thinking positive thoughts for little Devlin.

Take care my friend!

MonaS! said...

postive thots and prayers for Devlin. Have a good day my friend!