Monday, August 18, 2008

And Monday starts another week .....

Last week ended up being such a whirl wind ~ wonder what this week will bring haha. Thursday night of last week I ended up going out for supper with my friend Krystal ~ she has been my amazing and wonderful stylist for years, and we have become friends over that time, finally decided it was time we go out and have a good chat ~ and made supper plans. It was great, we get along very well and she is a pretty down earth gal ~ which suits me to a T. :-)

Saturday I was back at my retail job for the day, and truthfully had to drag myself to my sixth day this week ~ missing so much of the summer and starting to drag at the heavy schedule each week. We are going camping with my mom and Ron this coming up weekend ~ so so looking forward to getting away and just chilling. Really need a break ~ it's funny, as I actually had a vacation this year (first get away vacation in the last 4 years), to say that, but that time was so busy and so full of traveling and visiting and traveling and visiting and ...... well you get the picture ~ that this weekend feels like the only true get away time I am going to have this summer. I enjoy my time at my weekend retail ~ I work with great people, get a chance to get back to customer service (which I miss sometimes) and it's not stressful ~ but the six day weeks are starting to catch up with me, not as young as I use to be haha, and I have to start weighing the bit of extra cash against my declining life haha. So I will have to do some re-thinking over the next couple months, and go from there.

Sunday it was so hot here in the city ~ and though it seems silly to wish for cooler weather ~ considering what is to come haha ~ I am doing just that. My little place is an oven and therefore not much gets done on a day off where I just don't have the motivation to move haha, so Sunday was a quiet day. I did finish putting together the layout of my niece, below ~ and I was pleased with the end result. Just need some details from her mom, date and location to finish off the journal box. I hope the week cools as promised too, so that I can actually spend some time in my scrapping room and put my newly refound creative mood to work haha.

And we will see what this week brings ~ maybe this week will be the more quiet one and the get a few things done around the house one haha ~ if our weather cooperates and cools a bit. Otherwise maybe I should contact some friends and go sip a marguerita on a patio somewhere in the evenings haha, or go and take my new camera for a spin and get out to see some of the city ~ who knows the week is young ~
I do hope all of you have a fabulous one!!!


MonaS! said...

love your lo my friend - very pretty! Hope you are well and we can get together soon!

Tracey said...

Hey you, just stopping by to say hi, hope all is well, love the new look to your blog and the page is gorgeous, have a great weekend XXX

Laura said...

I LOVE your layout!