Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heading on UP! :-)

Well it's Thursday ~ and though I still have Friday and Saturday to work, the week has definitely taken an upward turn ~ as I knew it would haha. I do have to say with this new lease on life, by knowing what was causing alot of my health issues ~ having Celiac Disease ~ and being able to REALLY deal with it, have some control over improving and maintaining ~ and the big ONE to know that when there is a dip or a slip I WILL be able to change it and feel better ~ has me never staying down for long. It's amazing how everything is connected in our bodies ~ how it affects not only how we physically feel ~ but how we mentally feel. I can't ever trully explain how grateful I am to have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease ~ it has trully opened up a new chapter in life, and I am enjoying the challenge. The more I learn the less I slip ~ the better I feel ~ the more I want to learn ~ yada yada haha.

And here I was planning on having a quiet week at home, working on catching up around the house ~ keeping on the down low ~ it's funny how things in life can change so quickly. Along with my health improving this week, (and I feel great today!!!) with it came energy, and then things started getting busy, as they usually do ~ energy attracts action! I even started a layout of one of my beautiful nieces earlier on this week ~ it felt so good to be sitting at my scrapping table and creating some more art. Ran out and met my friend Mel one evening ~ and picked up my Epicure order ~ I love Epicure, it's safe and helps me put some of the spice back in life haha ~ only spice I get lately so better be good hahaha. I stopped in to our local Library on the way home, and got a new Library card!!! My son called me a dork haha, but I was amazed all that is in the Library now ~ I am so itching to spend alot more time in there ~ my new lease on energy has me thinking of researching and learning about new areas in life ~ there is so much knowledge out there and not enough hours in a day, who knows maybe I will find some new answers that will help connect my soul. That same evening I got a call from an old school friend, we hadn't connected for over 20 years really!!! It was great ~ we talked and talked for over an hour ~ I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The funniest part was that this week he is watching his 14 month old twins, while his lovely wife and young daughter are on a mini holiday ~ his antics of what those two cuties are putting dad through had me in tears ~ reconnecting with a friend does wonders.

My dear cousin Bonny is a bit glum these days - her beautiful daughter Kali is off to college - in Nebraska! Far from their home in Kelowna ~ but Bonny says that she has talked to her and she is happy and excited, and we all know that though it is hard to watch our loved ones follow a dream that takes them away from us - it is very good to the soul to know they are happy spreading their wings.

Last night we went over to my mom's place - had to go over and check out all the amazing yard work that Ron has been doing, he finished laying their new sidewalk in a cobblestone brick design, and then we went over all the new plans for their front landscaping soon to start. Hope to get my son Alex over there to help level the yard with the bobcat, will be a good skill to learn and add to his resume. We also were introduced to the newest member of the family - Little Sara - a beagle ~ she is about a year and a half old, full of life, and a perfect fit for mom and Ron.

And it's only Thursday haha - have more plans tonight now and who knows what the end of the week will bring haha ~~~~~

Hope you are all having a FABULOUS week!


Laura said...

Hey Sherri...glad to hear you are doing well. Gotta love some extra energy!
Hope you had a great weekend!

MonaS! said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel about the celiac thing! What an amazing change in the way you feel when you figure out what's wrong and make the change. It really is like a new lease on life! I feel like a whole new person now that I am on this new way of eating and functioning.

You sound fabulous my friend and I hope that now that I am home we can connect again really soon!