Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How was your Canada day????

As my son was off in BC helping my little sister move there - I kept busy around the house, so much to do ~ yesterday I finally got up my bedroom curtains (have just had venitian blinds for years) and I can't believe the difference in the look. I love it ~ Went out to buy some bottled water also and thought I would slip into Linen n' Things to see if they had a curtain for in front of my washer and dryer set (the huge mirrored doors that were there can not go back up as the dryer is too big now and I walked out of the store a mighty bit poorer haha - bought a new pots and pans cookware set and a new bakeware set - I need to replace all this cooking stuff now that my way of eating has been changed - sounds weird I know - but even the smallest microorganism of gluten sets off a reaction - and after cooking with gluten heavy foods for years you can not get any cookware clean enough - crazy I know!

And as for my little sister, Rob and my son Alex. They are pulling a 14 ft trailer from Budget Rentals. They took it with their own truck to BC the first way on Monday, the load was impossibly heavy, I was a bit worried ~ they even had to go and change out the hitch and get some equalizer bars put on the load before they left on Monday - Ron (my mom's hubby and a truck driver) didn't like what they had. Anyway the load proved to be a bit much for their truck, because something went wrong, and their truck had to be left in Chilliwack because it needs repair and they had to rent another truck so that they can bring the trailer back, and pick up the remaining stuff here. So they had to rent a truck to bring back the rented trailer to Edmonton, they didn't end up leaving Chilliwack till about 6:30 BC time, traveled to just before Valemount ~ stopped at a Huskey just outside ~ met a very shaken woman who had just been caught at the end of the mudslide - Rob was going to push on anyway, but the highway police stopped them at Valemount told them the highway was closed, so they had to spend the night there. Said that they could continue on once the highway was cleared figured about noon today - but no - just before noon the highway and Mount Robison pass has been closed completely and they were turned back, so they have to head back to Kamloops and then take the Rogers Pass way ~ a good 16 hour driving day for them, lordy lordy it has been quite the trial this whole move, from start.

I will just be happy when they are home here safe with my son, and hope they have a safe drive back to BC. Won't be settled until they are back in Chilliwack.

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Laura said...

Yikes..that's scary! Fingers crossed the rest of their adventure is uneventful!

Chilliwack hey...that's where my friend moved to from here..perhaps we could share a road trip next summer!