Monday, June 30, 2008

Heart in my throat today ....

Well yesterday was a busy busy day - getting my sister Amanda and her man Rob all packed up for their move to BC today. They are on the road today, with my son going along to assist in their unpacking, with their crazy heavily truck and 14ft long trailer packed to the brim. My heart is in my throat for a number of reasons - first because of their trip, I hope they all stay safe and that their trip is smooth and uneventful, a bit more than nervous at the weight of the load and them traveling through the mountains. And two because my last sister who was here in Alberta is now moving to BC ~ that means all 4 (three of who I am still in regular contact) sisters will now be living in BC, and it seems so far away.

It makes me sad, you know that they have to do what makes them happy ~ and they all seem to gravitate to the coast for some reason ~ we all originated from here not BC but the mountains and ocean calls them I guess. Myself I am an Alberta girl, true I like the mountains fine enough, to visit, but in my heart I am a prairie girl, I love the flat open spaces and being able to see fields and rolling hills for miles and miles when you hit a high spot in the terrain. I like having 4 definite seasons, even like the snow on occasion haha, I know come deep winter when it seems like it will never end I may be retracting those words, but now with the sun shining brightly outside and the green grass a-swaying I can say that I like my seasons, all of them.

It also just makes me sad for that is less family at holiday time, means all my sons Aunts and cousins are in BC (on my side of the family - really the side he sees) ~ and that now with the rise in gas prices, and the expense of living we won't get to see them on a yearly basis ~ and that will make them seem even farther away.

So I am in a very thoughtful mood today, as my youngest sister heads West to join the others ~ I will miss having her close, and hope that we don't lose touch ~ and wish her all the happiness in the next step for her adventure called life.

Take care all,


Kristine Davidson said...

{ hugs ! } but atleast you have a beautiful place to go visit !!!

MonaS! said...

hugs to you my friend - I know just how ough it can be not to have family around at holiday time. Hope you are well otherwise! We need to get together soon - I miss seein' ya!

Laura said...

Awe Sherri, that sucks!
I have no family at all around here so I get where you're coming from!
This is when it's really nice to have good friends to count on!