Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday again?!! haha

HHHHmmmm see I haven't updated my blog for a bit now, must remedy that right now. Course not like anything huge has happened but like I said my blog is not only a connection to some cyber friends I have out there, who one day it would be awesome to meet, some good friends, but also a running tally for myself on how life goes by.
I went and took a trip to see my friend Kelly-Ann and her sweet little premmie last weekend, it was basically a there and back trip ~ but I am oh so glad I was able to spend a few precious hours with little Devlin ~ who as of today is up to 3 pds 1 ounce and growing. He was a tiny little miracle, his little little fingers, little toes, soft little fringe of eyelashs just finally growing. He is going through alot and it is hard to see the little guy hooked up to tubes and machines, but he is growing and getting a little stronger everyday ~ I sure wish we lived closer to one another, they seem so far away right now. I was just awed by his tiny little person, and very humbled about life in general. And I so am missing my friend Kelly-Ann, I wish we could melt the miles away ~ it's hard to support friends the way you want to when they move away. And I miss our spontaneous nights going out to supper, or going to the comedy club, or kicking up our heals a bit. Here is a recent photo daddy Sean posted up of mom and dad with sweet little Devlin ~ got to love Facebook I have been able to see him progress and grow, such a sweet little miracle that one.
I am in a pretty fabulous mood today, went out on a date last night ~ yes those of you who know me well will be gasping in shock haha, yes yes I did. And I had a great time ~ it was with a guy I have known for a number of years, so this will be the start of a rekindled relationship?! I do think so ~ but I will take things day by day and see how it goes. Both of us work all the time, and don't have much spare time to give to anyone ~ but our history and knowing exactly where the ball is at may just work in our favor I think. Time will tell.

I haven't seen much of my scrapbooking gals lately, going through a big withdrawl ~ but going to see them this Friday for a crop so at least we can touch base a bit then ~ a little reconnecting time in order.

Life is finally evening out a bit ~ and maybe even taking an upward turn and getting a bit exciting in the process haha - I can use it.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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Kristine Davidson said...

a date !!! ??!! You had a date ?!!
WOOHOO!!!! yes my dear, time will tell! Enjoy those fun times!