Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's snowing ~~~~ Again!

Well I have to say I am trying to stay very positive about life lately ~ doing more things for myself and things I love, reconnecting with friends, making new ones, and taking care of myself ~ health wise, etc. and looking forward to little things and big things to come ~~~~~ this snow though is making it tough hahaha. I want green grass, sunshine, and buds on trees and in flower beds ~ I want to be able to leave my window open at night, sit out on my deck and not lug my scrapbooking stuff through the snow or cold weather. For now we have snow, yet again ~ but at least this time of year we can be assured (YES WE CAN!) that it won't stay long. Though I am sitting here wearing two sweaters at work, and you know on the last day of April that just doesn't seem right ~ but I am looking ahead to a warmer weekend, let's hope!!!

Taxes - that is almost a dirty word, I skipped a scrapbooking party last night because I had not done my taxes yet and didn't want to leave to the very last day to get them done haha, just second last hahaahahahahah. Well I go home from work, make some supper ~ watch the news and then figure okay time to get at it. And the QuickTax won't load on my older computer !!! Yikes - I admit I was a bit shaky there for a bit, sat and thought for a bit ~ and then just loaded myself right back up and went back to the office ~ so here I was sitting in a dark and empty building till almost 11 at night doing my taxes haha, figures. And then of course I can't Netfile them like I usually do because I have left it so late and the lines are jammed! So into the mail they will go today ~ ha next year I think I had better plan a touch better, don't need the stress hee hee.

Well coming up is National Scrapbooking Day (May 3rd) ~ what are your plans? I am working of course, but I am going to go with my wonderful friend Kelly to a crop the evening before ~ so that will be fun celebrating a bit. Also on my msn group - Enchanted Scrappers - my lovely creative manager Lori, has set up a week and a half long online cyber crop for the event - with challenges and classes, and games ~ so it will fit alot of our schedules on the group as we can drop in when we can. So looking forward to joining in on that fun as well.

My son had his Handball Provincials last weekend ~ and though working through part of it, I caught the last three games. I love Team Handball ~ it's an intense and exciting sport, and I am very glad he has kept up with it all these years ~ gets better and better as they get older. So the boys brought home the Bronze medals - they of course wanted Gold (that is what they won last year) but we told them to strive for it again next year, and be happy they placed in the medals ~ they played some awesome teams and they more than held their own. And my son brought home the MVP award for the left wing of the weekend, which he was very pleased with.

I attended a crop night on Friday - it was part of a Charity weekend crop for kids - held by my friend Shannon. At the end of the weekend she had a cheque for $1600 to give to Kids Kottage, and a number of donated items ~ so that was WONDERBAR!!! I was happy that I could contribute to the event in any little way ~ it was a fun evening, I even was able to spend some cropping time with my friend Melanni, and meet her friend Debbie.

Healthwise I am getting things underway and organized ~ I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease ~ and my life is going to undergo a huge change ~ but I am excited to get it all underway and start to feel better and healthier. Had my lovely gastroscopy last week ~ to confirm and take a look at the damage ~ for the most part that went smoothly the hardest part was trying to get an IV into my dehydrated and small veins, have lovely bruises to show off haha ~ but I feel blessed that a light is in the tunnel and I feel I am heading towards a good direction. My new way of eating is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I am up for it ~ especially as I feel my energy and drive returning ~ makes every sacrifice worth it!!

Well happy Wednesday to you all ~

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MonaS! said...

how was the biopsy? I don't have mine for a bit yet, but I am a little leery about it - hope all is well!