Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Need a smile?? haha

And it all starts with a kiss tee hee -

Just thought I would post a few silly pics of some of our cropping fun. :-) It makes me smile ~ most of these pics are from one of our first cropping adventures together ~ and a couple from other fun times ~ I look forward to more of these nights!

Our little mascot ;-)

And we don't even drink at these things haha

I needed a smile today so I pulled up these pictures - hope they made you smile too - cheers :-)


Tracey said...

You sure you hadn't had a drink ???lol, looks like you all had a great time., hope you are having a fab weekend, take care XXX

Kristine Davidson said...

Love these pics... I looks like a great time and lots of laughs!!!
{{ hugs ! }}