Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can you feel the change in the air????

I can and I do love it ~ warmer weather and sunshiny days are coming, and I am so so so very happy to see spring arriving. Not even our cooler day today can bring me down, I am on a high today and only have sunbeams in my eyes haha. Which reminds me I need to get some kind of sunglasses this summer to wear with my glasses, man the glare is crazy already haha.

I had a great evening ~ my friend Mel invited me over for supper (who can turn down a meal cooked by someone else, not me haha) and then we went and did a little mall walking and shopping together. It was really nice.

I am feeling the spring time in my scrapbooking, seem to always have a layout on the go or in the planning lately ~ need to get a digital camera so I can share more ~ it takes so long to sit and scan and stitch things when I want to just be playing with my paper and glue some more haha.

I posted a challenge on the MSN Enchanted Scrappers board (a group I am an assistant manager on) to do a spring themed or colored layout ~ I am excited to see the participation from our little group, and can't wait to see everyone's work. Two of the layouts at the moment that are sitting on my CREATION STATION are springy colored and I am itching for the work day to end (haha still in the morning hours here so I better learn some patience haha) so I can go home and do some SCRAPPING!!! haha

I am in a very up mood today and want to wish everyone a cyber sunshiny day ~ I know the sun is not shining in my area right now ~ but I know it will be :-) Spring is here!


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