Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh my it's been a while ......

I so want to post some pictures up on my blog, but I haven't had time ~ so I end up not writing at all, so better get in here and at least update a little ~ but I am still reading ladies and will try and get around and leave little stamps (notes) on the blogs that I check on regularly. I have been thinking of getting a digital camera just for this purpose, so that I could get things onto sites so much quicker ~ like recent pics of family and events, and also of the scrapbooking I have done lately.

It was a busy busy weekend in my life ~ Friday night went out to my friend Tammy's place to celebrate our friend Kelsey's birthday ~ it was a night full of laughter, sometimes at the weirdest things mind you but oh did we laugh haha ~ it was nice to spend some time with Mona, Kelsey, Tammy, Dawn and Marguerite ~ we even played "American Idol" haha and brushed up our singing voices tee hee. What a blast ~ and also got to spend some time with Tammy's precious kids ~ her youngest took a shine to me and I had the best little shadow all evening. Nothing can make your heart as full as a little child saying "I like you". Definitely does the soul good.

Went out to a family bday (my ex father in law turned 75) the next day, not as much laughing haha ~ but went smoothly and it was good to visit with my nieces on the other side of the family. I don't like to get to out of touch with them, and so we have planned some lunches and visits in the near future. Sunday was again spend with family for Easter, yum yum turkey ~ and my mom made natchinka ~ especially for me ~ and I loved it. Spent some quality time with my son this weekend, at the family events, and watched a few movies together (girlfriend of course included) so that was really nice.

Monday was a busy day at my second job, but it made the day go by quickly ~ I can really feel my age after a day there for I come home beat and a bit sore haha, not use to the physical stuff and being on my feet all day. But all good, I am enjoying it, and as that is only one day a week very easily handled. So I am a busy busy woman of late, but again that is a good thing.

I have changed some of my habits lately and I have to say it is having an effect, for the good. I starting to feel my energy returning, and I am looking forward to starting to feel healthier and stronger soon. I also look forward to some more cropping time with my friends, old and new ~ like my friend Shannon's Crop for Kids coming up at the end of April, and of course continuing to try and get out monthly to crop with my regular scrapbooking divas. And hopefully make a date soon to crop with a new group of friends too! I am blessed with how this scrapbooking art has brought so many good souls into my life, and look forward to meeting new and also having other experiences with the gals I know. Life is good.

I do hope you all had a blessed Easter, thinking of all of you ~ and wishing you well.


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MonaS! said...

It was great to see you again my dear! Glad to hear you had a wonderful easter weekend.!