Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday blues ~~ maybe maybe not :-)

Mondays ~ don't they somedays seem to come way way too soon?!! I think so ~ the weekends are far too short and far too full ~ and we are faced with another start to the work week! I seem to have lists and lists to do ~ and yet not enough hours in the day to touch them much, but I am determined to chip away and with the days (seeming) to get longer ~ maybe more and more done each day.

Now that I am working 6 days a week time is flying by, soon we will be Easter and spring is in the air and just around the corner! I am so very thankful for that, for some reason this winter in some ways seemed a bit longer, and to be able to see the grass, brown though it may be, has been a delight.

I have many a sick friend out there right now, and at least one that I know reads my blog ~ so please consider this another get well wish sent your way ~ and hope that you soon can appreciate the warmer weather and feel the sunshine with out the cold and sniffles.

Went to a late night crop with the gals to Urban on Friday ~ I sure attribute these regular cropping nights to the work I have been able to complete in the last months. Even just sitting and chatting inspires me, and I always go home feeling like I should get down to it and get some pages done, or a project finished. Not sure the actual amount of cropping we get done at these LNC's haha, we do get alot of shopping done ;-) haha, but all good ~ as long as it inspires some of us after we leave it's all good.

As I don't have a digital, and not enough time to sit and stitch I think I will take a roll of new layouts I have done and scan a pic so I can put some of my new layouts on here. Honestly I have been doing some creating of late haha, just don't have the patience or the time lately to tediously scan and stitch layouts together so I can post them.

I wanted to say again how grateful to my friend Mona that I am for introducing me to the "thankful thoughts" ~ I do mine in a special journal once a day, and it has been a real soul uplifter on days where I may have not been very happy lately, because somedays it is hard to start to think of one thing ~ but once I start there is of course more than a few so it does tend to lift my spirits ~ so thank you Mona for that yet again. You are an inspiration ~ and have a light in your soul.

And to my friend Angela ~ for inspiring me with her Art Journal - I have gone and bought myself a sketch book to get started haha so ready when inspiration hits ~ just have to figure out what I want my journal to be about and what to hold. Hers was so very amazing, and though we were not allowed to read it (private thoughts) it was an endless art form of inspiration ~ I am so looking forward to getting myself a bit more organized and focused and diving into some inspiration myself.

And I do want to thank all the wonderful women that do update and post inspiration and thoughts on their blogs on a regular basis ~ I do find reading and viewing your awesome creations to be well ~ can I use the word too much? ~ INSPIRING :-) Also I have lifted some really awesome blogs and sites to view others amazing work, and tonnes of ideas. I really need to win a million or two so I can stay home and just create ha.

So until next time ~ get well wishes to all those fighting illness
and a wish for a good week to everyone!
take care


MonaS! said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Hope you have a wonderful day. I am feeling well enough to go to work today. Have a great one!

Laura said...

Hey Sherri, been thinking of you lots lately! Hope all is well in your world! Take care.