Friday, February 29, 2008

Gotta have a little rain if ya want a rainbow ...

I figure if I am going to blog mise well blog the good, bad, sad and stupid too ~ hopefully sometimes just letting things out means you can let it go. I have such a need to create lately for the peace of mind it brings but I find that life and all that it is holding lately is getting in my way. Or maybe I am just letting it get in my way, which I hope in time will pass as things are resolved.

I wanted to post all those pictures of fun times ~ the one from the Scraptacular and the ones from the last SG crop ~ for those times have been such a soul saver lately. Sometimes we don't get alot done hee hee, but it is the atmosphere of the group that refreshes my soul. I have recently found out I have some health issues to deal with ~ and I don't know if it is the issue itself or my reaction to how life is going to change, but I am terribly fatigued of mind and body lately. The days at work are longer, and at the end of the day this gal is done ~ I see the housework piling up, and the layouts and projects I have yet to start or need to finish ~ and all I do is sigh.

I am hoping that spring time will bring with it a time of refreshment, that I will be able to soon start addressing health stuff that will help me also feel more alive and energetic! I am wishing all of you a lovely weekend, one full of love and laughter ~ and sending cyber hugs your way.


MonaS! said...

Hey, my friend! Hope you are hanging in there. Know that I am thinking of you and hope you are feeling better soon. If I can do anything, please call me!

Laura said...

Hey Sherri, I am so sorry to read that you are not doing well...big hugs to you! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive vibes your way. Take care of yourself.