Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I can't believe the time is whipping by so fast ...

Isn't life just a constant busy pace?! I am looking forward to a few awesome and fun events at the mid to end of the month, and yet I wish I could slow the days down just a touch. Enjoying the milder weather we have had this week, compared to the deep freeze of last week, one of the guys in the office was even commenting on how pretty the blowing snow was today coming off the roof ~ all sparkly in the sun! Quite a change from the grumbles of last week hee hee.

So what is coming in the few weeks ~ I have a very close friend's (Kelly-Ann) bday coming up, so I am hoping to share some time with her ~ she is a special woman and though has moved away on me, we have managed to stay in very close contact and still see each other on a pretty regular basis.

I have a retreat in Cold Lake (Scraptacular 2) that I am really really looking forward to ~ will be cropping with my friends ~ Dawn, Andrea, Angela, Kelly, Marguerite and Trisha and maybe more ~ it's always a treat to see some of the creations these talented women come up with, and hey let's face it a weekend away with the gals scrapbooking away can be nothing but good right?! haha. Plus it will be a different location and group, so I am looking forward to meeting some more scrapbooking friends, and checking out the event.

And then the very end of the month, actually the beginning of March (so that is nice starts off March well) my friend Kelly-Ann is coming for a visit from Calgary ~ so again I hope to have some great quality time with her.

Of course in between I hope to spend some lovely coffee date time with my friend Dawn, it certainly breaks up a long long week when we can sneak out for a couple hours and just chill ~ the time we spend has become very special to me. And of course any time I can get in there cropping with my friends also is just a bonus upon a bonus. :-)

A good bunch of us were all out at the Kinette Club Spruce Grove crop on Saturday, it was a great time and the hours flew by so fast. Thanks to Dawn, Andrea, Angela, Nicole, Mona, Tammy, Kelsey, Marguerite, Donna, and Tanya for being a part of the day ~ as well as a big big Thank you to my friend Kelly for inviting us all out there in the first place. It was a very affordable day ~ only $10 ~ and included supper and 12 hours scrapping time, and the location was great. We hope that the Kinette Club found the event to be a success and not too much trouble and does it again sometime, we certainly would love to join them again!

I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday ~ and hope your week is going smoothly.



MonaS! said...

I always love my time with you my friend! I look forward to hanging out at Vinyl at the end of the month - we will definitely dance the night away!

Renee said...

have fun in cold lake. hope you can come to scrapalicous in march but i think it may be the same weekend? hope to see you soon and scrap with you soon.