Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scraptacular 2 was Scraptaculous!!!!

Well Scraptacular 2 in Cold Lake was where we went this weekend ~ and it was a great time! Miss Marguerite is missing in the picture above because the lucky duck had to leave early because her family had tickets to Riverdance!! But the others in the picture from left to right ~ Angela (Andrea's mom), Andrea, Dawn and myself (Sherri) ~ the theme of the weekend was Beach bash and the decorations were awesome. The ladies at Cold Lake certainly know how to throw a crop weekend, and they treated us all so well from beginning to end ~ always feeding us with snacks, giving us little treats, and handing out door prize after door prize as well. They had some awesome fun challenges that you could enter, and win prizes for ~ and their vendor fair was amazing ~ honestly there were almost too many vendors ~ but the prices were good and if ya love to shop like some of us gals tee hee ~ it was heaven. Being we were out of town we had to reserve accomodations on the base, and they were more than adequate ~ definitely very clean and totally suited our needs ~ for all we needed was a bed and shower haha, the rest of the time we were scrapping!
We are so ready to head out again there next time, we all came home more than tired but happy with the great experience. And I had an added plus going out there, one of the ladies that was there from the Ladies Guild - serving us a very yummy lunch on Saturday, well she was a long long lost friend. She came up and tapped me on the shoulder ~ I turned around and there stood Kim ~ we were close friends when our sons were small from about 1-4 years, and we lost touch during and after my divorce ~ we were both overjoyed to see each other again, and even better she facebooks haha, my biggest addiction ` so I look forward to catching up with an old friend in the future, and keeping in touch.
All in all it was a great weekend ` and coming up this weekend a bunch of the gals that I crop with on a regular basis have decided they want to go out dancing haha, so I think we are going to find ourselves a place to do just that, and spend some down time together ~ should be fun.
I have recently taken on a second job on the weekends, so my down time is even more precious to me ~ but my second job is a light retail position with a bunch of fun people to work with, so ~ so far so good. :-)
Oh and I wanted to comment on the neatest idea ~ I am sure it is not new ~ but Angela generously let us take a quick peek at her art journal this weekend, it is just amazing and such an inspiration ~ I know more than one of us that saw it this weekend are making plans to start similar journals of our own, the constant art applied and the neat way of journalling is bound to be inspiring ~ I can't wait to get one going myself! So many ideas so little time haha, I almost need to win a lottery so that I can stay home full time and create, instead of taking on more work haha. Well I will have lots to do once life slows down hee hee, whenever that will be.
Hope you all have a great week!
cheers :-)


Kristine Davidson said...

Lucky You!!!!
How fun that must of been!
I am jealous

all is well!

MonaS! said...

sounds like you guys had a fabulous ime. I am definiely gonna have to go with you next time! can't wait til the weekend - should be fun!!! And its been awhile since I've seen so, so that'll be great too!

Laura said...

what a great weekend!