Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb Spruce Grove Crop

Haha I know I am posting these in the wrong order since Scraptacular was attended after this crop, but I finally did some scanning last night ` here is a few pics of our fun full day cropping time at Spruce Grove :-) We hope they have another day like this soon!

Little Pooken Touquen Andrea :-)

Dawn, Angela, Nicole, Andrea and Alex
Mona and Dawn
Marguerite, Tanya and Donna Tammy and Kelsey Angela and her very cool door prize ` a soft soft cuddly robe ~ so cool and a big surprise :-)
I really enjoy the cropping times we all get together ~ has inspired me to get back at scrapbooking and I actually can say I am getting alot more done than I use to, it's been great :-) And alot of fun, we all need the stress relief of being with good people and doing something we enjoy!

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Laura said...

looks like a lot of fun!