Friday, November 21, 2008

A catch up .....

It's only been a week and yet seems as life is picking up some speed and becoming a mash of one thing after another. Before my update ~ I want to send out a sincere heartfelt thought to my friend Christine, who recently lost her dear sister ~ there is alot of pain and sadness in her life and my heart is thinking of her. A few of my friends have lost dear family members of late ~ and others are fighting battles, life is so so precious ~ and everything can change at a moment's notice, so I trully hope that all my dear friends are pulling what they can out of life, and really living. Hugs to you all.

I had a chance to enjoy some living myself lately ~ last weekend my dear friend Kelly ~ from Memories in Motion ~ asked me last moment if I would be willing to travel to Hinton with her to help her teach some classes, I literally jumped at the chance to get out of the city and do something a bit different. And the benefits of the weekend are still with me. :-) First we traveled out to Thorsby to the Strawberry Community Hall (such a sweet name for a hall don't you think?) and then to the Heartland Inn for a short stop as well, Kelly did her thing by offering the ladies there a chance to shop in the mobile store ~ her big Lime Green Van is a welcome addition to any crop day or retreat ~ and we were greeted and welcomed in both places warmly. Then on to Hinton! ~ we again were greeted with much warmth and excitement, and we soon got into the two classes that were planned for the evening ~ a canvas class and a Christmas chipboard mini album ~ I had a great time with the classes, for my first time teaching this type of event ~ it was a definite positive and came away with avenues how to improve the experience in the future. We didn't finish teaching till after 10 pm and then Kelly and I proceeded to stay up and chat till after one haha ~ believe me 8 am came early the next morning ~ Kelly spent a couple more hours with some of the gals shopping in the store, and then we were on the road again ~ exhausted but feeling great!!!

Then this Wednesday evening I went to the James Blunt concert with my friend Mel ~ oh my we had the best time, it was worth every penny of the ticket for sure. I love the sound of James Blunt's music ~ and he gave a great performance, and was quite engaging to boot! Mel started off my evening as well by giving me her bday present - she was in Mexico the week of my bday lucky gal haha ~ she gave me a delightful Memory Makers shoulder bag ~ perfect for evening crops ~ I love love love it!!! Such a thoughtful and timely gift for a scrapbooker on the go haha.

So it has been quite the week, haven't really gotten anything in my home accomplished ~ but that is what weekends are for!!!! I am hoping to maybe be able to join some friends at a crop put on by my friend Andrea of Scrapgetti ~ so going to have that as a goal in mind while getting things done. I also may have a chance to see an ex boyfriend of mine this weekend ~ so kinda a twitter about that haha ~ and my son has handball I believe this weekend as well ~ so it's looking to be a full and crazy weekend ~ just how I like them. And then to cap it off the 2 hour premiere movie for one of my fave shows ~ 24 ~ shows Sunday night, can't wait to get some more of Keifer Sutherland ~ yippeeeeee!!!!!

So I am wishing you all a fabulous Friday and lovely weekends - stay safe and try to do some good "living" this weekend ~ Hugs.

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Laura said...

great post Sherri...glad you are keeping busy and enjoying your life. It makes such a big difference all around hey!