Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday hhhhmmmmm ......

Well I am heading to the hospital soon, having a little day surgery ~ nothing life threatening ~ but I am a bit nervous all the same. I haven't been under a knife since my son was born or even before really when I had my tonsils out at 17 haha ~ so it's been awhile. Kinda in a upsy downsy mood ~ keeps flipping all over the place ~ but I am told that is a very natural and normal thing, so for once I am acting normal ha.

I am so loving how the recent rains have greened up our space in the world, spring is really finally here ~ soon I can get my flowers and plant up all my containers and then it will feel like summer! I also really want to start thinking about giving my little space a fresh coat of paint, we have been here a while and it still has the original dull grey white on the walls. As I get feeling better and better on my new diet, my motivation and energy is returning so I want to renovate!!!! haha My body and my ds may not be ready for that just yet but I can't wait to start splashing some colors on the walls, my home is really my peaceful place ~ and even more that I have my love of scrapbooking and it has become my place of creation, I want to spruce it up.

And all the green and sunshine out right now inspires me :-)
I hope everyone has a lovely week!


Renee said...

Good luck with your surgery Sherri...going under the knife is always daunting...and I've had enough surgeries in the past 3 years to last me a I'm done k? LOL g'luck! and will be thinking of u!

Laura said...

Will be thinking of you!! Hope all goes well and you have speedy recovery!
I love what the rain has done around here too...sure is much nicer to look at than brown grass!

Martha said...

Good luck with your surgery. I hope your recovery is quick and painless!

Kristine Davidson said...

hi sweetie!

Thinking of you!