Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday it is ........................

Well the weekend went by so fast, but I really enjoyed having the full two days off, and at least with this coming weekend being a long one I will have another two day weekend as well ~ so hip hip horray for that one. :-)

Did some fun running around on Saturday, and Sunday (Mother's day) my son and I went and spent the afternoon with my mom and her hubby puttering around in their yard. The weather wasn't as nice as it has been in some years but the sun was a shining and no snow to be seen, so it was a very very nice day indeed.

It gets at this time of the year I just itch to get into the planting and the dirt, but living in a place that I can only container garden I don't get my flowers till the beginning of June, so I am going to have to be patient for a couple more weeks. I am so looking forward to getting the deck set up and having that space back outside, looking into getting myself an electric BBQ this year, just got rid of the old propane one to recycle finally ~ and as I am not totally comfortable with propane, and my sister won't let me buy bricket/charcoal one because of the recent studies on how the fumes are cancerous with that, I am looking at electric. Anyone ever had any experience with those?

My son and his sweet girlfriend just passed their 11 mth and are heading towards their one year anniversary of being together, now some people would scoff at that, but I give my son kudos for it's longer than any relationship I have had in a few years, and they are a great couple. Both sides of the family (hers and his) like spending time with the couple, and are all looking forward to taking them both on family trips this summer. My son's girlfriend will be coming with us when we head to BC this summer to visit with family, and my son will head with theirs to go to a family reunion. This may sound funny, but honestly watching them as a couple I hope that one day I myself find a relationship that is so solid, course I could do with out all the silly young couple stuff, but the mutual respect and blending with family would be nice. :-)

I am so happy to see no snow on the ground anymore, touch wood ~ even though the spring is a bit chillier than some past years ~ I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT haha - that way we know that summer is on it's way. I was very excited to see my tree out in front of my deck this weekend start to show real buds, very excited ~ and soon flower weather, and vacation time ~ and I am happy! Though I am not happy with our gas prices going up and up, sad when you think that the majority of money saved for vacation will be spent on gas money. My sister said so what things are we going to plan when you are down, and then we both almost said at the same time - well as long as it doesn't cost to much haha. Good thing I like my family, and that there are so many there to visit.

My youngest sister and her beau are planning to move to BC by the end of next month, this makes me pretty sad ~ she was my last sister in Alberta, the rest are already moved to BC and have had families in BC. But I guess they have to be where they are happiest, as I am an Alberta girl ~ and it would take my son wanting to relocate to BC for me to go there, I guess in someways I can understand. But I still miss seeing them all, just have to gather my scrapbooking "sisters" and friends closer ~

Here is one layout I did that really touched my heart - I love the song and thought it fit my little niece's picture so well ~ Have a good Monday everyone!!!

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MonaS! said...

sounds like you had a really wonderful mother's day! Beautiful lo too. Hope you have a wonderful week - I look forward to seeing you in a week's time.