Tuesday, May 27, 2008

and how am I feeling?????

Well not too bad, though I have been sitting here at the computer adding my new scrapping friends from Creative Scrappers and now I am a bit tired and sore, so time to lie down again.

Have to say they give you some great drugs at the hospital haha, so for the most part my discomfort is kept to a minimum. I do have to comment I have some really good people out there not only in cyber land but around here that have wished me well, and thank you all for that ~ it warms my heart.

Okay back to the couch for me time to have a little more rest time, can't wait till I feel good enough to start scrapbooking again, so I can join in on the fun of the new sketches challanges on the Creative Scrappers site. Kristine and friends have done such a great job getting things going, lots of fun and always something to be inspired by on there!!

www.creative-scrappers.com ~

Okay the couch calling ~ take care everyone!


Cheryl said...

Hi Sherri, I know the first day is pretty rough. Hope you're soon back to your old self. Take care.

Gina Hanson said...

I don't know you (yet), but want to send you well wishes for a fast and easy recovery. Take it easy . . .

Laura said...

glad all went well...take it easy and rest up you!!
Have a good weekend Sherri!