Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday .......

And the first long weekend of the year for most - I myself have to work two of the days of the long weekend - but I am going to pack in a day full of life on the one I am off haha.

And I am wishing for great weather for all, I know more than one person traveling this weekend, whether to go and visit family or friends, weddings, camping etc _ I hope this awesome weather holds so that everyone has one full of sunshine.

I have a good friend coming over this evening to do some visiting, bring me a lovely caffiene drink and sit and scrapbook the evening away - all I can say is YIPPEE ~ that will be a highlight. And I am finally able to get in and see my hair stylist so she can fix this ever growing mess that is atop my head haha, so I like my reflection in the mirror every morning again. So off to get a new do after work and a great visit in with my stylist who is also a good friend.

So I wish all my friends a great weekend - go out ~ be safe - be happy whatever you get up too!

Just me ~

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