Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday !!!!!!!!!!

I was a busy bee scanning more layouts last night, I have up-loaded them to my layout gallery and will on and off post them into my blog ~ I counted I had over 30 layouts that I have done since the beginning of the year, that I wanted to scan. It takes so long to do so though, that I only do a bit every night ~ think I am almost caught up with the ones I want scanned ~ and on we go haha.

I am very excited ~ I actually took a Saturday off just for me ~ the six day a week work schedule has been wearing at times ~ though my first big reward of the extra came last week! We were able to buy a new dryer,!!!!ours was not only dying quickly but so so unsafe mechanically ~ I am very happy with my new lovely machine. Every time I walk down the hallway I give it a little approving and welcoming pat haha ~ it was a blessing to do towels the other night and be able to dry them all fluffy, a real pleasure. It's been awhile haha.

So our weather here is beautiful with the promise of a lovely weekend, just in time for Mother's day ~ I plan on doing some scrapping of course, but resting and visiting as well.

I want to wish all my lovely friends a Happy Mother's day, and those who are not mothers (per say - my sister is the mother of a cat haha) have an awesome weekend!


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Laura said...

hey girl...I just got some new frying pans...I get where you're coming!!
Will go have a peek in your gallery to see your latest additions!
I hope you day off is the most fabulous day for you...enjoy it!
Happy Mother's Day to you too!
Take care!