Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Inspired - a little Art Journal layout

One of the Artists I follow is Dina Wakely - I love the loose and free style of her art journaling and her vibrant colours - she recently has come out with her new Mixed Media Line that includes: New Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, Brushes, Stamps, Stencils and mediums and there will be much more I imagine.  :)

I love her new heavy body paints - the creamy thick consistency and the amazing yummy vibrant colours - the local stores here just started carrying them last week or so and I almost have them all by now I believe ha ha, and have enjoyed using them in my latest projects. 

The colours are just as bright and beautiful as the dots on the packaging which is cool and they dry staying that way - which is amazing!

The other night I just wanted to use some of these paints and get some colour down, so decided to pull out my Dylusion Journal and do a little creating.  I was fortunate also to have recently printed out a free and generous PDF by Terri Kahrs of Pringle Hill Studios another inspiring artist who gets the most gorgeous saturation of colours in her work.  I love looking at her pages in her Documented Life Project Planner - every week is just a burst of colour-y goodness - oh yes I made that up ha ha. :)

This was also in a time where inspiring poet and author Maya Angelou passed away at 86 years old - often her quotes have inspired me, she was and is an amazing woman and role model.  I spent a lot of this week reading again about her life and reading pages and pages of her most famous words and quotes

So what do you get when you throw the inspiration of women into your creative brain and start to create??? 

You get this:

So in love with the end result - I think this is one of my favourite art journal pages ... love the colour and the sentiment.

Feeling pretty amazing at times this year --- this is good for my soul.
Sherri :)

P.S. thanks for looking :)

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Melanni Partridge said...

I love love love the color!! It is HAPPY!