Monday, June 2, 2014

Documented Life Project - Weeks 13-15

Okay working through the weeks of my Documented Life Project - posting three weeks or so at a time as I take a few pictures and don't want to just dump all in one post.  :)

Week 13 - Ask someone ELSE to Draw on your page and Finish it 
My guy Kevin and I are big NASCAR fans - I think it was one of the things that he was attracted to me because of ha ha - as not only did I not mind if he watched the race I had my own guy that I cheered for and wanted to watch the races too!  So it was not surprising when I asked him to draw something for my week in my planner - he drew a car and driver.
Now because he drew the picture I decided to finish it with his favourite driver not mine - his is Jeff Gordon #24  - I hope I did it justice.  :)   On the inside of the Tip in pages I did end up adding pictures of both our drivers - good thing they are from the same Team ha ha - Jimmie Johnson #48 has been my fave driver for years. :)

Week 14 - Write your NAME and embellish it 
This was a fun challenge - well aren't the all???!! ha ha - I actually had sat at work one day and was just playing with doing up little cards with my Faber Castell Watercolour pencils - when it came to do my challenge of embellishing my name - I loved the little cards I made up so I ended up cutting my name out of so little pop cards.  :)  Nice bright Americana Neon paints made up my back ground.

Week 15 -  Monochromatic: use shades, tints and hues of one color!
The next two weeks I wanted to make all about my little Niece - it was her one year old birthday time - she was born 3 months premature and started off at only 2.8 pds - she has come a long way since then.  :)  So this monochromatic week of course had to be in PINK!

this was before I glued it all down and added a some details - she is so CUTE!

UPDATE: May 30, 2014 -  Just this last weekend I went back and wanted to add a bunch of pictures to the two weeks I did about her - like a picture journey of her first year - on the inside of the tip in's - but I found I did not have really enough room.  At first I was frustrated and then I decided to add another page to my tip in - so out came the colours and stencils.  Have to comment that the new Dina Wakely Mixed Media brush is now one of my favourites for stenciling.  :)
Loved how adding the extra page to this week and next let me incorporate the picture story I wanted to document.


Sherri :)

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